Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

before i tell you about the awesome thing we did for labor day, let me first post a picture of our little lady bug...
now that that is out of the way...
for labor day we drove up to oakley, utah to eat at the road island diner.
have you guys heard of this place? until just recently i hadn't but it's AWESOME.
it is located in a 1930's original diner car that was shipped across the country from massachusetts to rhode island and finally landed in oakley in 2007. this thing is in pristine original condition.
the food was major good.
the atmosphere was major good as well.
every table has a little jukebox on it. if you put a quarter in you can pick a song and it plays throughout the whole diner car.
{also, can you tell that these two are brothers? hmm...}
you should go there.
order some chili cheese fries with ranch on the side and a strawberry shake. you won't regret it.


Dustin and Whit said...

we drove past that place on Sunday night on the way up to my fam's cabin, i was seriously wishing that it wasn't Sunday- not because I didn't want to break the Sabbath, but because it was closed, shame. We will have to make another trip up soon, I have heard nothing but good things about that place!

Meg said...

Mmm that looks awesome. When I come home next we should go there.

Logan and Cami Daniels said...

That's the little diner on the way to the cabin, right? We'll have to go there the next time we're up! Thanks for the tip! OH and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL :)

Ali said...

I haven't seen B's younger brother in years! I can not believe how much more they look alike now!

Ali said...

and I forgot to mention how adorable your baby is. She's SO ADORABLE!

e said...

C is SO CUTE. And still so tiny. I love that she still has the tiny look. :)

I have to say, I went to the Road Island Diner a few years ago, and it wasn't great. But maybe they've improved? I'll try it again on your recommendation. Because I trust you like that.

Andy and Sara said...

C is adorable! Where did you get all the cute hats?

I'm A. said...

Aw thanks. :) Hats are from mostly Etsy and Carters.

Starr said...

Oooh we tried to go there a couple years ago and it was majorly busy so now we are making a special trip just to get that pie! Yum.

kaelee said...

thats funny, its about 4 miles from my house and I thought it was awful, along with everyone else that lives around here. They failed miserably at making the most basic of all things, a grilled cheese sandwich. We got toast with cold cheese. Then again I have heard they totally revamped tehir menu and rehired their kitchen staff, so perhaps we'll try it again someday.