Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I had a McDonalds Filet O Fish for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

b and i have a pretty short list of consistent items that we cook for dinner at our house. all four of those items are good but i get so bored of the same old same old. ok...confession, i really hate eating at home. there! i said it! that feels good to get off my chest. i try to pretend to enjoy it. but i don't. a few reasons for this...
1-i consider myself a bit of a restaurant connoisseur having eating nearly everywhere within a 60 miles radius. i love eating out. the food doesn't even have to be classy or good quality. i will take taco bell over eating at home any day. why? because i have never been able to create something at home that tastes anywhere as good as eating out. believe me...i try. this brings me to point 2.
2-i suck at making food at home. and i get bored with our regular menu. so i try to branch out. i find recipes online! they sound so good! i'm going to cook something new! it will be delicious! hooray for me! then b and i taste tastes like crap. this leaves me feeling annoyed and exasperated so we go back to eating out or making sloppy joes, tacos, meat loaf or spaghetti for dinner every night. then i get bored with those, i look online, i create a culinary disaster and the vicious cycle repeats once more. lastly...
3-i am inept at picking out good recipes online. the ones i pick are always gross {*cough* rachael *cough*}. picking out delicious recipes and properly executing them are not skills i possess.
see what i'm talking about:
all this adds up to me hating to eat at home and poor b having to eat out all the time which he hates. we all lose. boo.
so readers, i need you. i always need you. have you noticed? and you never fail me. do you guys have any good recipes that you enjoy making and eating at home? can you post them in the comment section? or email them to me? do you know any good food websites where you find great recipes? can you save us from becoming obese due to eating mcdonalds every time i choose yet another nasty internet recipe? is rachael ray actually a cook? hello? anybody? where am i?
oh look, here is my baby. she smiles on command now...probably because she hasn't had to taste my cooking yet.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

I hear ya, sister. I too, struggle with the at-home cooking. We eat Hot Pockets and string cheese. And Wendy's. But the I find having at least one quality cookbook on hand helps me a lot. For me that is the "Favorites" cook book. Delicious and pretty simple stuff.

Dustin and Whit said...

i am kind of too tired to really go into just how much I agree with you on this, but just know, I totally agree with you on every account! Plus, even if you do manage to make something good, all of the fun is taken out of it when by the time you are eating it, you are too exhausted to enjoy it because cooking it took all of your energy, AND if that wasn't enough, you still have to clean it up. Where is the fun in that? I hate cooking. But I do LOVE getting together, lets make it a regular thing and maybe Halle will cheer up ;) Oh and Caroline is so cute it kills me, you dress her in the cutest clothes I have ever seen.

Ali said...

I had to really force myself to learn how to cook when we moved away from both of our Mother's kitchens. I could rely on a great home cooked meal every Sunday. Not anymore :(

My go-to website for recipes is I can't tell you how her website has changed my kitchen based self-esteem.

I made her savory, spiral stuffed rolls last night. If something looks too advanced, I won't bother, but she's very detailed which helps me a lot. I love her humor. She is my Julia Childs.

I have a Rachael Ray cookbook... have never attempted a single recipe. My kids wouldn't touch it.

Melissa Stringham said...

Rachel Ray sucks. Seriously.

I have been forced to learn to enjoy eating at home since all of our income (which = 0) goes to med school tuition. is great because you can look for what you want based on the ingredients you have and the recipes have been rated by people who have actually tried them. I never make something from that site that gets less than 4.5 stars; usually those high rated recipes are great.

I also like the Ivory family cookbooks. The first one is called "Favorites." Classic Mormon cooking, easy recipes.

Good luck!

Tyler and Megan said...

Sarser we should have a cooking party. I agree about It has really easy and good recipes. I have never made anything I didn't like from there. Also, agree about Favorites. Its super easy and fast. And I have also never made anything I have not LOVED off of Pioneer Woman. Some of her stuff is a little harder, so just read it and see if you are comfortable with it. And a tip I have learned- if you are not comfortable with cooking always follow the ingredients/directions exactly. I always try to do my own touches and at first that did not always work out so well.

Also...come up with 4-5 go to menus that you can make in 30 minutes or less and then try to supplement a more exciting meal in every so often. Then you won't get so sick of your standard go tos. You should teach us how to eat out more and we will teach you how to cook. Deal?

Also...C is ridiculously adorable. As are her clothes. Dying over her as usual. And she looks like B in those pictures.

Marcus and Amy said...

Honestly, I understand your points and why you choose to eat out. For me? I am pure lazy, I don't like the effort it takes to pick out a recipe, see if I have the ingredents and if I don't then go to the store and buy the food then come home and prepare it all and hope it turns out. In that amount of time, it is easier to make a call and run and pick up food and bring it home and eat it. :)

But, on the rare occasions that I do cook, I love to do anything I can in the crock pot! Cause how easy is that? Throw everything in and let it all cook all day.

I also really like (there is a link on my blog) it's a user friendly website. There are also ratings on the recipes and people comment on the things they would change on the recipes too. You can also type in chicken or steak or whatever you are in the mood for and it brings up all sorts of ideas. I have had good luck with this website and recipes.

I wish I could give you one off hand. If all else fails, my go to dinner is sheaprds pie. Its a favorite and really easy to make.

Nichole Swink said...

OH Annie, Rachel Ray always has weird recipes. I haven't liked any of the ones I've tried either. They've mostly turned out blobbish. Ick ick.

So, I found this website, and I've made lots of things from it and they've all turned out amazing. I'm not lying. And they're all easy. I just made Malibu Chicken Sandwiches last night and they were glorious! Another favorite is the breadtwists. They're just like Pizza Factory! And I've made the chocolate bundt cake that's a knock off of the "Nothin' Bundt Cake" recipe and it was like eating angels.

Good luck! You're not a bad've just been watching RR too much and she is psycho.

Starr said...

Here is your problem. Warm weather. I hate cooking when it is warm. I don't want to eat salads every night and I don't want to warm up the oven (except when it comes to cookies). When it is cold you can put a roast in the crockpot and do some mashed potatoes and tahdah, a wonderful dinner is served. Also bacon never fails me. Love it.

Jen said...

Eating out is easier for sure, but I have IBS and it is a gazillion times worse when I eat out, soooo ... I had to figure out how to cook and started a recipe swap blog. There is a link on my regular blog, but it is Some of my favorites are roasted red pepper chicken, crock pot lasagna, crock pot french dip sandwiches, crock pot cafe rio, lemon chicken, lemon rice, manti chicken marinade, 5 ingredient potato salad, Erin's chicken picatta, coconut curried chicken and sweet potatoes, taco soup, citrus-basil salmon...etc, etc. They are all pretty stinkin easy, but I know that some of them will definitely present a challenge for B...but at least you know if you try them they will be good! If I have a meal in mind that I need a recipe for, my go-to is Almost every recipe I have tried from there has been amazing.

Ali T said...

First, I love your blog.
Start with baking...try a breakfast, a bread or a cookie. I love or For 'real food' pick something you love, such as bacon. Try making BLTs or something easy like that (best with homegrown tomatoes of your own, snaked from a neighbor, or from a farmers market). Buy good bread to eat it on. Another tip would be to use a crockpot (chili, cafe rio pork, asian ribs, garlic smashed potatoes...I love the crockpot).

You could read something like 'In Defense of Food' or watch 'Food Inc' to scare you into cooking at home ;)