Tuesday, August 24, 2010


is anyone watching this?
i love.
it's better than the regular bach/ette.
we watch a lot of tv around here since i'm still pretty much an invalid and i'm trapped indoors. it's a big adjustment to go from working in an office everyday to being home. i'm working on finding meaningful activities to fill my time with. and by meaningful i mean something other than watching, keeping up with the kardashians, a baby story, tori and dean: home sweet hollywood, 19 kids and counting, iron chef, etc. all. day. long.
and here is c swinging it up.
those ominous shadows lurking overhead are from the lamb mobile. scary!


Tyler and Megan said...

Okay I need about 35 of those in my inbox promptly every morning when I get into work. That can be a nice wholesome time filling activity for you. C is KILLING me. She is so cute it is painful! And I have to wait until NOVEMBER to see her again? I don't think I can do it. Ugh. :)

I'm A. said...

Okee...come visit before November k? K???