Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake Pavelka is a d-bag...

this weeks bachette isn't even worth mentioning. what IS worth mentioning is the vienna/jake interview. holy. awesome. who even knew that jake is an abusive, psychotic, ahole?! oh wait...i did. i've hated that loser from the start. i know lots of you did too. and jillian thought he was a freaky creepy.
dang jake for making me feel bad for vienna! but he did. i actually felt bad for her. and i believed her. about halfway through the interview i was yelling, "eff you jake!!!" at the tv screen. vienna shouldn't feel too bad though...because jake is clearly gay. and also, he's fug.
all that talk from jake about how vienna was 'undermining his authority' and not giving him any 'respect' and all that...woah. and then him yelling at her? i'm not sure but i think he might be controlling? yeesh. and even though vienna was acting a little cwwwazy with all the talking, talking, talking...i totally related because that is exactly what i do when i'm super upset.

you know he thinks he is the shiz now because he was on dancing with the "stars". maybe someone should fill him in on the fact that dancing with the "stars" is where d-listers go to die. well jake...good luck on being an 'actor'. no one is going to remember your name in about 3 minutes from now.
also...you guys heard about this right?...
eddy and jilly are dunzo.
it's just so hard to understand how all these incredible couples can't find lasting relationships on the bach/ette. especially with the tutelage of chris harrison. so sad.


Marcus and Amy said...

I didn't watch it, because I had a good feeling that I could get the run down from your blog without having to endure all pain of actually watching the interviews! :) Thanks! And yes, he is a creepy freaky.

But hey, Ryan and Trista are going strong!

Dustin and Whit said...

thank you for making my day. seriously, reading this really made me happy, i love how you said that dancing with the stars is where stars go to die, it is so true. Who would have thought that out of like 20 seasons, Molly and Jason would be one of the only couples to make it, at least for now. oh this show... i am worried about who they are going to make the next bach, and that I won't have another season in me. poor jill, i have to say though that I saw right through ed's daisy duke shorts a long time ago.

Tyler and Megan said...

I freaking hate Jake. Watching that made me so angry. Thats all I have to say about that. Oh, and I hate Chris Harrison more than anyone on the earth. I think even more than Kristin Stewart...and that is saying something.

the Baker 4 said...

I read in US magazine that Ali had already met Roberto lol....and by the way they talk he is the one she picks. So i am very courious to see what happens...I cant wait to see frank tell her he loves his ex girlfriend LOL>>>