Friday, June 4, 2010

Some things.

remember how i always post about the bachelor/bachelorette? well this week it didn't happen. it was just one of those weeks. but next week i promise a super, duper bachelorette post.
here is a picture of utah that i took on memorial day. i love utah. except when it's hot. and i'm pregnant. which is now. hate.
here is a picture of cute b and me from a few days back. i am literally more uncomfortable than i have ever been in my entire life. actually, uncomfortable doesn't even begin to cover it. i want to pull my ribs out, one at a time, with a pair of pliers. every day is a freaking CHORE to get through. oi.
and lastly, also most importantly, this:
happy weekend.


Meg said...

Sowee Sarser. :(

Nichole Swink said...

Thanks for posting a post on the Bach. That's ok that you had one of those weeks. Boo to pregnancy and hurting bodies. I have a friend who is 35 weeks and I mentioned how you had been talking about the uncomfortable stage on your facebook and she said "Yeah..that's about when it happens. And it just gets worse." Dang it. You should probably just print that picture of Betty White off and hang it all over your house. It'll probably cheer you up real quick!