Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I don't know what to title my posts now that the weatherman is gone. Frown.

as expected...the wrestler is gone.

not surprisingly...so is the lawyer.

thanks abc for giving us a full preview of whats to come. so weird! we now know that frank is clearly out {which is fine because he is gay and i'm sick of looking at his "artsy" glasses and color-blocked cardigans from h&m} and that roberto definitely goes to fiji. i am 99% sure that the final two are roberto and either cape cod or kirk. if she was smart she would pick cape cod. he has long-term potential. roberto is out of her league. and there are a few girls in my office who want to stalk him. i don't want to deny them that. and kirk is a stupid frat boy. but...ali is not smart so we can all just rest assured that she won't pick cape cod. and she for sure won't pick kirk. so she either picks roberto. or picks no one because you KNOW abc wants roberto for next season.

i just hope ali's hair makes it to the end of the season. it looks like it is starting to fall out in chunks. isn't that a gross word? chunks.

can we talk for a moment about the wrestlers exit? i loved it way more than i thought i would. chris harrison was literally giddy with joy over this little development. he could hardly contain the smile on his face when he was delivering the "bad" news to ali. and then ali calling the wrestler out in front of all the guys. that was fun. and the wrestler making a run for it and climbing through bushes and over walls to try and escape the cameras. hilarious. you just KNOW that someone told him they wouldn't buy his plane ticket home unless he got his A back there and talked to ali on camera. and then they played all his voicemails to his girlfriend. love. even though i'm sure every moment of that drama was scripted by the show...it still made me happy. and so few things about this show make me happy anymore. so well played abc. well played.

but once again...the show insists upon embarrassing and emasculating the men on national television. i am really not into watching dudes pour olive oil over themselves and then wrestle around on the ground during a light rain. not well played abc. not well played.

and really that is all i have to say about that.

in other news...

after the bachette i caught a few minutes of kristen stewart on letterman. i can say, without any doubt in my mind, that she is by FAR my least favorite person living on the earth today. i mean really kristen stewart...your life must be so hard! you seem really put out at being unimaginably rich and undeservedly famous all for standing around looking like you have a stick shoved up your butt while delivering somewhere between 3 and 5 lines per twilight movie. also, i read on a very reliable gossip blog that jake pavelka is gay. i'm going to believe this whole-heartedly and from this point forward no one or nothing will change my mind.
thanks to my sister for this little gem of a photo. does this look like a straight guy to you? i think not. actually, its kind of hard to tell who is the man and who is the women in this photo. zing! seriously though, a turtleneck paired with torn, acid washed jeans? hmmm.at this point...you might be wondering why all the negativity. and to that i would say...have you read my blog before? and also...today i'm 37 weeks preggo. amen.


Meg said...

Did I or did I not say Jake was gay about 4 1/2 seconds into his season? I believe I did. As for the show...I hated the oil wrestling. That is not a date. And I agree that Cape Cod is really the only long term potential. I also really dislike Ty. Hope he is out of here ASAP. Yucky. 3 more weeks till babee! You can do it!

Marcus and Amy said...

I watched Kristen Stewart on Regis and Kelly this morning. I don't feel as much like she has a stick up her but, more the fact that she is TOTALLY SOCIALLY AWKWARD. Really! I mean I felt really uncomfortable watching her interview. And more then once I though, "why the heck can't she sit still?" She is twitching, shaking, mumbling, flipping her hair all over, playing with her hands etc. And I think she said the word "LIKE" about a million times!

With all the money she makes, she needs to do something with her hair and clothes. And quit smoking. Its a nasty habit!

Bottom line, I am not a big fan of her either.

Sarah said...

I love your posts because I laugh outloud while reading them. I have nothing to add because what you wrote is what ran through my head exactly, but written so much better than I ever could have written it.

Dustin and Whit said...

i am so unamused by this show that i don't even have any comments, but believe it or not, i actually envy you being 37 weeks because at least there is a light at the end of your tunnel, there is no light in my tunnel- just a long and dark, never ending misery. At this point, you could pretty much have the baby any time and that is really exciting, even though it probably doesn't feel like it is, i promise that it is exciting. I would love to trade you places right now. Sorry for the added negativity :) I hope that baby comes soon!

kl said...

Hilarious. Just hilarious. Thank you springview ward for yw callings. I will forever be grateful for this little gem of a lady! Kind of moody here towards the end of the pregnancy, but it makes for good, truthful blogging! Thanks for making me laugh!

kl said...

ps you're not stealing those photos are you??????