Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

on saturday i had a crazy, pregnant-person melt-down. one of those where i am bawling uncontrollably for no reason what-so-ever. after a few hours of that b finally grabbed my camera and forced me into the car. he drove us to a park where we just walked around and took pictures. afterwards i felt much better. good thing for b or else i would have laid on the living room floor, bawling for all of saturday.
here is b, pondering how he is going to make it through the remaining 2 months and 20 days {minimum} of pregnancy.
and here is me, rounding the corner towards week 29.


Meg said...

Fabulous pictures! Sorry you had a meltdown. And sorry for laughing about it now. :) But you look adorable and I can't wait to play with you in New York NEXT WEEK! yayayayay.

Marcus and Amy said...

Oh I wish I could tell you that you won't have meltdowns after the baby comes....but then you get to deal with all those postpardum hormones and meltdowns!!

I tried my hardest to make it through 24 hours without crying after the baby came....I didn't do it until 8 weeks after she came!!

But you look cute and you got some good pictures!

aimee said...

Cute belly bump! At 22 weeks I'm finally starting to get strangers acknowledging there is a bump there and it is a fun stage to be in. I'll have your bump to look forward to in a few weeks!

Jen said...

I still have's just a part of mommyhood! P.S. sugarhouse park? Great pictures!