Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to go back to New York.

flying all day, coming home, going back to the dreaded jarb...well that is just the pits. so lets recap new york shall we? and i can pretend that i am still there.
our hotel. right on times square and full of men wearing tight suits with pointy shoes. pretty awesome place. in fact, it was a little too awesome for us. i'm not sure we were nearly classy enough to stay there.
hotels that leave complimentary trays of soft, imported cheeses and bottles of wine...WAY too classy for us. our room smelled like sheep for 2 days.
speaking of our it is:
our room also included an 'un bureau', which is 'an office' in french {just sounds more classy} and a real big tv where we actually watched saturday night live, live, from our hotel room in, get this, new york city! try and wrap your head around that one you guys!
here we are in times square doing the most touristy thing you can do...riding a double decker bus. double decker buses are awesome for pregnant people because you get to sit a lot. and cold air blows in your face. and you don't have to walk.
also, here is a red lobster...
this is as close as we got to the statue of liberty.
traveling out to the statue of liberty=less shopping time for us.
here is a glamorous image of pregnancy.
we went to the met. the met is fantastic.
here we are on the roof of the met. gorg.
times square at night:
times square at night is full of literally thousands and thousands of the most annoying people you will ever run into in your entire life. no joke
we did the broadway thing. my favorite part.
we saw mary poppins {adorable}.
and the addams family {hilarious}.
a few city shots...
purchase i regret not making the most:
this l.a.m.b. tote from bloomingdale's. duh a. duh! i really am pissed about it. especially since i found one at century 21 for half. the. freaking. price. why. did. i. not. buy. it? why?!? boo.
lastly, and probably most importantly, on our way home one night we passed magnolia bakery by accident. we immediately raced inside and bought ourselves some cupcakes. seriously, the most delicious cupcakes of my life.
we know that official blog rules state that if you find yourself in the possession of a cupcake you must proceed to pose cutesly with it. so we did.
we love new york. and our mufer for taking us there.
the end.


Dustin and Whit said...

i am so jealous, NYC is like a world of its own. Your pictures are beautiful and made me really want to go there! I love the pictures of Meg making love to the cupcakes, glad I could enjoy them vicariously!

Tyler and Megan said...

Ha! First of all- we got that awesome cheese because I am a VIP business client. Never forget the power I have in the working world. Second- I am really glad you posted all those really beautiful pictures of me. Thanks for that. And thrid...I want to go back! Normal life blows.

Nichole Swink said...

Those pictures of Megan really got me excited for our trip to NYC because I heart cupcakes. And luckily Phil thinks they're fun, too. And I loved the pictures of the city. You should tell me more about The Addams Family. That's what my family wants to see when we're there ... I kind of don't. But, if you have good things to say - then it may change my mind.
You guys look SOOO cute! And that hotel looks FABULOUS! Glad to hear you had a good time before baby girl gets here!

Marcus and Amy said...

You are so awesome for doing that while you are 30 weeks prego! And even if you are not made the double decker bus sound wonderful! :) I want to go to New York some day - if for nothing else, I hear they have awesome food everywhere! I am glad you got to go and have some fun before baby arrives!!

And thanks for your sweet comment! It was very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Oh those cupcakes!!! They look divine! Oh, and NY looks great too...

e said...

Welcome home! And I'm sure you got some cute stuff, even if you didn't get that purse. Can't wait to hear more details.

† Brycrasch said...

OMG Magnolia Bakery is the best thing to ever happen to my tongue!

Jon and Briana said...

oh that looks so fun! Jon and I are heading to the big apple in July. We are still trying to figure out what Broadway show we should see.Do you think Mary Poppins or Addams Family was better? any other tips you have? this is my first time to NYC!