Thursday, April 22, 2010

The post where I sound like an old person.

i saw this bag on a blog and wanted it bad. and i thought..."hmm...i bet that is from target or something...maybe $30?"uhh...guess again. $688.00 from anthro. it has only taken me about 10 years to come to the realization that anthropologie is completely PRICE RETARDED. i have bought many the $80 t-shirt or $200 spring dress from there. and only now am i starting to question why? duh andrea.
in other news...{and now i'm really going to sound like an old person} i have not been impressed with glee. yes, the music is awesome. the actors are great. jane lynch is the best thing to happen to tv. ever.
but, what's with all the sex glee?
i was majorly annoyed during the first episode. what idiot decided that it was a good idea to make will, who has been in love with adorable emma since the show started, have a major issue with the fact that she is a virgin? i mean...seriously?! and then they have him go out and hook up with some sketchy teacher from another school? and his divorce isn't final. good messages glee. this is a show watched by millions of teenagers. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that they decided to go THAT direction instead of playing up the fact that maybe being a virgin know...a GOOD thing?
and in the second episode of this season...uhh whaa?! all these high school students having or pretending to be having sex? not cool. rachel doesn't go through with having sex and says she did. finn does go through with it {with a girl he doesn't even like or have a relationship with} and says he didn't. {AFTER a pregnancy scare with his ex-girlfriend!} and will and emma, the adults, are, once again, having issues with emma's virginity.
i'm not impressed.


Meg said...

I agree. Glee has been a big let down. It has lost the sweetness and creativness that I thought it had last season. Too bad. At least the singing is good. And Jane Lynch is good. But other than that...not as good.

Just yesterday I was in Antrhopolgie talking to a firend wondering why another store can't exist that makes cute clothes at less retarded prices. I have a real love hate relationship with that place. But mostly hate. Because even in my wildest dreams I'm not sure that I could spend $80 on a tank top.

Dustin and Whit said...

as much as Dustin and I love this show, it makes us physically ill thinking of the millions of families watching it- could they not be a little more discreet, what ever happened to innuendos and subliminal messages. This is just flat out blatant trash! And about bags, I just got the cutest bag from target for $12! I love anthro but seriously?!

Marcus and Amy said...

I don't watch Glee, but I feel that way about a lot of shows lately too. I really used to like Grey's but then they went all sexual and bi sexual and people having affiars everywhere. It seems likes its a lot more in your face on TV then it used to be. Does it mean we are getting old?

On Wednesday's I really enjoy watching The Middle & Modern Family. They make me laugh.

Tiffany said...

I agree with everything you said about Anthropologie and Glee. I guess I'm an old lady too. Where can people like us go to buy affordable handbags and celebrate sexual abstinence and responsibility???

Nichole Swink said...

Andrea - I just hear you. I was so excited to watch Glee this week and then it was a total disappointment because I was so sickened by the sexiness happening everywhere! Last season was much better!

And Anthro is such a maddening subject. Ick. Mostly anything I ever get there is on sale and usually has a little imperfection somewhere. Booo! But, I'm beginning to think many of the thing you buy at Anthro you could probably find a knock-off either on Etsy or have a crafty friend make something close to it. I'm sorry I can't be your crafty friend, but if you find one - give her my number.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I still love Glee, even though it's trashy (Grey's Anatomy, too). But I can't get on board with Gossip Girl- drugs, sex, drinking, lying, entitlement, whining... ugh, I can't stand it.

Bonny said...

I agree about both anthro and glee but sadly still like them both too :)

Starr said...

I agree as well my friend. I was totally put off by the sex episode. It kind of brought out the 'old' mom in me as well. I could just see myself in the near future.."Who just said poop!?"

kl said...

Issues. That list is maddening! Yes, that's a word - - jk I have no clue, but anyway. . . all you really need for a baby is milk from your ha ha and diapers!! love ya!

e said...

Spot on. (Although. Too show you how "old" I am: I had to watch Glee like 3 or 4 episodes before I bought in to it, because I always thought that it walked the line a little too closely.) Plus: they spend so much time making Will the good guy, trying to prove that he sees beyond people into who they really are (especially with his kids at school), so for him to be so shallow in his personal life was l.a.m.e. With a capital L. This is why I am the way I am when I'm teaching on Sundays.