Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I blame the below spreadsheet on pregnancy hormones

remember when i asked you guys for all that advice? well i took your advice very seriously. i also did some research on consumer reports, parenting blogs, etc. and read all 2000 pages of the baby bargains book. woohoo! good times at my house for the last 2 weeks.

so you guys, i'm a little over the top. and by a little i mean more than a lot. so if you click on the below link don't be scared. and don't judge. i realize that it's more information than any person would ever need. and this spreadsheet does not indicate that we will be purchasing every item that is included. it's just that having long lists of insane amounts of information makes me feel warm and fuzzy and helps me sleep at night.

you may argue that this is way too much personal information for the interwebs. and to that i would say...you are absolutely right. that's just how i roll people.

for any moms-to-be out there, or people who want to laugh at the crazy pregnant girl, you can check it out here... {and feel free to comment on any areas that you feel need commented on}

Baby Prep Spreadsheet

also, remember when i used to post stuff other than...'this show has too much sex!' or... "pregnancy blah blah blah!" ? those were good times. real good times. so look...here is a song i like!


Meg said...

Yeah Sarser you are crazy. Crazy like me. I love big spreadsheets and checklists. This spreadsheet makes me happy as well.

Jen said...

That is hilarious! I am soo that way too! I go through "drafts" of my to do lists until I get them how I like them!

Marcus and Amy said...

That spreadsheet is seriously awesome!! I wish that I was more organized and could have done that when I was prego. I hope that book helped you. I really helped me, even though it was a pain in the butt to read!

I love that you are bringing treats for your nurses! The nurse that I ended up going into labor with, she kicked butt! She was awesome and even came up and visited us the next day! And make sure you clean out your hospital room when you leave! Take it all! You will be charged for it anyway, so take it! Tuks, tissues, pads, hospital underware (which I liked -they were comfy and they kept the pads in place! But are not cute at all!) diapers, onsies and blankets, maybe we were not supposed to take those last two, but we did anyway! Also, get all your Rx's filled before you leave the hospital! IMC offered to fill mine for me and bring them up to me before I left, it was nice because I had like 5 different Rx's to take over the next 6 weeks, so I am glad I didn't have to wait at a Walgreens or send Marc out to get them when we got home.

You are so prepared! You will rock it!

Nichole Swink said...

Annie - I heart you for posting this. This is the greatest thing I have EVER seen! I think I'll save it for future use!

Anonymous said...

I love lists too...but this is a step above any that I've ever created...way to be prepared, it takes the stress out of it! I've been reading your blog but haven't put my two cents in yet so here you go: the Lansinoh cream and pads are a MUST HAVE! Start putting the cream on a couple of days before you deliver to help soften them up and prevent any cracking down the road...trust me. Your friend Amy has already said this but I'll repeat it to make sure you know...TAKE EVERYTHING that is in your room and on the cart that they wheel the babe around in...you pay for it anyway, so TAKE IT!! Also, she is right about filling your RX before leaving, they seriously discount them for people that are checked into the hospital and they deliver it to your room (they should also give you a stool softener RX) I didn't see a boppy on your list, you really should get one, they double for nursing and just propping the babe up when you aren't holding them(bumbos work better for an older baby the boppy is perfect for a newborn). Another thing that I didn't see on the list is a mirror for your car. WE LOVED the rear view mirror thing so that you can always see the babe's face while driving!! Target has great nursing bras....oohhh yeah, I also asked the nurse at the hospital for one of the belts that they give to women who have c-sections..it's this really wide belt with velcro. I wrapped it around my lower tummy and hips as tight as I could for extra support and to help make my hips shrink back to normal (well as close to normal as they could anyway)
Good call on the sound machine, ours is from bed bath and beyond and we still use it to this day for our kiddos.

Paula said...

You are a genius! You need to sell this list to every new mum. Put some of those breast pads in the freezer - that will be a welcome relief. Stool softeners - definitely! Start taking them a week before. buy several pairs of big knickers that you don't care throwing away - for the giant pads you will be wearing.
Get loads of frozen meals ready. I lived on Fiber one bars because when baby slept i did not want to cook - just chomp on something before falling unconscious. yes - get a boppy. Butt paste is trendy BUT (no pun intended) i preferred good old desitin. Buy a pacifier - even if you think you will never use one - in the middle of the night it might just save your life. Seriously.
Erm, I don't know. You have it covered. You are awesome.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

That spreadsheet is amazing! I am totally going to copy it when i get pregnant someday!

e said...

I have nothing to offer in the baby department, except I'm glad you'll be around when I have one someday. I need someone to help me navigate, because I'm (not so) secretly terrified.

I CAN say: I just tagged that song on my iPhone to buy it a few weeks ago. Great minds or something.