Thursday, February 18, 2010

They're Grrrreat!

i have been feeling much better on the nausea/puking front. on the blogging front, i'm going to try and not turn this into a pregnancy blog. because that would be lame. with that being said, here is another pregnancy post about food. yay for you!

while i AM feeling better, and could probably eat most foods, there are only a few foods that i have found that actually "sit well" if you will. those foods being:

lynn wilson's frozen bean & cheese burritos {this brand and flavor only}:totino's crisp crust pepperoni pizza {this brand and flavor only}:
and these:

and also these. they're great! {that's a little tony the tiger humor for you}:and since these foods are pretty much all i eat, i have continued to slowly loose weight. which is fine. but now that we are finally leaving the first trimester i am going to have to up the caloric intake. which is where you come in most brilliant readers. and i don't say that jokingly. you guys are full of good information and tips. so here is your pregnancy-question-o-the-day:

what tastes good and/or goes down easy and/or doesn't make you feel pukey for the rest of the day when you are pregnant? or even when you are sick and not pregnant? etc.

and lastly, the other day i was reading my friend ruth's blog. or maybe it was facebook? and anyways, ruth said something about needing taco bell. and right then a little voice in my head said "yessss....taco bellllll....yes.....". and now i have been thinking about taco bell a lot. and i need ruth to tell me what she ate from taco bell. so i can get on with my life. and so i can sleep at night. ruth, if you are out there...what did you eat at taco bell?!


Meg said...

at least those are all healthy foods though right?
only i would eat cocoa puffs and frosted flakes for every meal if i could. and corn chex. you should try those. even b can eat those. cereal for every meal is a very good plan.

Katrina said...

I've been liking hot cereal--oatmeal, steel cut oats, nine grain cereal, zoom.

Bread and bagels are my friends--filling and bland.

And Cafe Rio always works for me too.

Oh and french fries and baked potatoes.

Basically I like CARBS!

Amy and Daniel said...

when i was pregnant, the only thing that ever sounded good was fries...and i ate a lot of them. whenever we would go out to eat, i would always look for the things that came with fries. they always seemed to settle well.

Marcus and Amy said...

You know what...that is so funny that you can eat those frozen bean burritos, cause in all honesty during my second and third trimester, I craved bean burittos! And that is the brand of frozen ones that I got and even more funny, I craved Taco Bell bean burritos too! How weird is that?!? I am being so serious too!

I also liked eating oranges or any kind of fruit, I always craved citrus.

My cravings changed from week to week. I carved red vines during my 1st trimester and I bought a jumbo Costco container of them - that was a mistake because I only ate like 5 and then the smell and taste made me sick! So my advice would be, if you crave something, buy in smaller quanities until you know that you will continue to want them!

But Ego waffles, peach yogurt & goldfish crackers all sat well with me. Your 2nd & 3rd trimesters are better when it comes to food. I think you will start to enjoy it more and crave things more - like one morning I woke up @ 5 am and I had to have a RootBeer! The craving would not go away until I had some! I think you will find that happening to you too!

Good times!

Ruth said...

Well, at Taco Bell, I get two crunchy tacos and a burrito supreme. Every time. I feel guilty that I go a few times a week.

In answer to this question...
what tastes good and/or goes down easy and/or doesn't make you feel pukey for the rest of the day when you are pregnant? or even when you are sick and not pregnant?

the answer is NOTHING!

But other things I eat on an almost daily basis...

mozzerella cheese sticks from Sonic, Liptons "Soup Secrets" noodle soup, Blueberry ego waffles and special K cereal.

Oh, but here is one that is delicious!! Seltzer water, on ice, with a dash of Rose's Lime juice. (look it up if you aren't sure what that is, because I think you will like it!)

Unlike you, I am only 12 weeks, throw up every day, but still have gained 5 pounds!! How is that possible? Fast food and slothfulness. Boo.

Love your blog, so entertaining, pregnancy posts and all. It's real right?

Hang in there.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I hope this just reading this doesn't make you too gaggy, but when I was pregnant and sick, I drank milk. It never sounded good but it sat well. Something about the blend of fat and protein in it helped me feel less nauseated. Ugh. I'm so sorry!

Granola bars with added protein and peanut butter helped me, too.

Meg said...

Pregnant people are funny.

Erin Taylor said...

I say, eat whatever you feel like eating, because there is so much you don't feel like eating! I LIVED on cocoa puffs during my pregnancy. (except for that 2 weeks I only ate oatmeal for every meal. Go figure!) I only gained about 28 lbs the whole time because I couldn't eat much! Now go get some Taco Bell!

Jen said...

I gag even writing this, but when I was pregnant with Chloe I loved those KFC mashed potato bowls (the ones with chicken and corn and stuff). Sure won't ever eat one again, though. Mashed potatoes in general worked for me too and graham crackers dipped in milk and ice cream, but only topped with chocolate sauce and marchino cherries and possibly whipped cream. Love your brand and flavor specific references too...I am soooo like that. *Oh, sorry glad you just went to the store and got me gingerale at 11 pm, but you're going to need to go back because this is schwepps and I need Canada Dry.* LOL! Also...don't worry so much about what you are (not) gaining. From my experience no matter what you do, every pregnancy is different and you have almost no control when it comes to weight gain so just do your best to listen to your body (cravings) and feel full and not sick and all will be well (and that goes for you too Ruth you big silly!)!

Jen said...

PS...sorry my comments on your blog are always essays. I really need to not talk so much!

kl said...

Okay, I used to eat corn dogs (secretly) from weinershnitzel when I was prego with Jay, then I'd eat steak and potatoes, oh and I loved lasagna. In the middle of the night I would eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and nutrigrain bars. Lets see, looks like I used to eat tons of protein..and I also loved stawberries a lot. I could eat like a whole box from costco! yay for me! Vitamin C baby! Just try to eat whatever you can, I would try the healthier route, not easy, but worth it. K, well, good luck chiquita.