Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some things of mild importance...

first thing:
new pregnancy symptom-o-fun...
i've never had heartburn before.
and i will never again be able to watch one of those heartburn commercials without feeling deep sadness for anyone who must suffer with this most vile of maladies.
so tell me smart friends...how do you combat this evil?
anyone know any home remedies?
first and a half thing:
despite all the endless, unrelenting, pregnancy crap that one must endure i have to say that excitement is building.
and i have not forgotten that we are blessed.
every time i read another person's blog announcing the arrival of their new baby i feel so happy and fantastically disbelieving that soon that will be us.
second thing:
i want this bad.
to wear with my cowboy boots.
although it does not look very pregnant-person friendly.
i don't care.
i want it.
third thing {and most random}:
if i could live anywhere else besides where i'm living right now, i'd choose portland.
my siser lives there so that's a plus.
but besides that i just love it.
portland is chill.
and cozy.
if you had to live somewhere else, but you got to choose the location, where would you choose?
{technically this isn't portland but close enough.
photos by me of the sibs at the oregon coast.
megan above.
danny, megan, trent below.}


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Ugh, I feel your pain about heartburn. It was my constant companion for about six months.

I tried to stay off the Tums as much as possible, but sometimes I caved in.

Eating small, frequent, low fat, low acid meals helped. And not drinking liquid on an empty stomach. And not lying down after eating.

Sometimes pickles helped but sometimes they made it worse.

I've heard of other people having good success on Prilosec- talk to your doc. I think a acid reducer like that is probably better for you than Tums (Tums, etc. have aluminum in them).


Ali said...

I didn't know Tums were bad. Maybe that's what I can attribute my son's eye twitch too. Just kidding. He is twitchless.

I was, however, told Tums are safe and that the calcium they contain are good for you and the baby. Hopefully I wasn't fed a load of you know what because I definitely relied on them for a few weeks.

Also, I was given the green light for pepcid a.c. which helped. Ask your Doctor what he thinks. If you find a home remedy that works, let us know. I'm glad you like Oregon. Portland is totally an option for us if we decide to stay with this company Andrew works for.

Melissa Stringham said...

To avoid heartburn do not eat after 7 pm and do not eat chocolate or citrus. Also prop yourself up in bed to sleep.

If you cannot do these things then take whatever antacid your doc recommends, many are safe. My doc said Tums are counteractive because calcium increases acid production.

Another piece of pregnancy advice, do not buy non-pregnancy clothes to "save for later" while you are pregnant, no matter how much you like something. It takes awhile to get back to your pre-pregnancy size and by the time you do you will probably find something you like even more.

If I could pick a place to live it would be one of the suburbs of Phoenix. Call me crazy, but I really like it there. And I really hate Salt Lake's long freezing winters and inversion.

Katie A. said...

I took Zantac in the morning, then tums at night. Don't worry, anthro will always have the cutest stuff in the world while you are pregnant. Darn it all.

Meg said...

Sarser! Come to Portland! I wish you lived with me. That would be ridiculously fun. But if I could live somewhere else it would obviously be Salt Lake. :) But for now Portland is coo. I am also fantasically excited for you to have little bebee. It seriously consumes WAY to much of my thinking time. BEBEE!

Michelle T-C said...

I WILL move to Portland one day. Let us all be neighbors.

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

Andrea! Congrats on being pregnant! Somehow I missed it, but wanted to let you know how happy I am for you! I get heartburn too, but usually it's pretty mild and tums do the trick. They are safe to have...if they don't do it for you then talk to your doctor who can prescribe you something stronger. Love you and hooray for babies!

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

tums are fine by the way...I know three obgyn doctors who all say so :)

Jen said...

Yeah...I took tums (like candy - as directed my my dr's) and a daily perscription (can't remember which one though) and still suffered. It is awful! I am with Melissa on not buying post pregnancy clothes while pregnant, though...not only does it take a while to get back, "back" is a loose term and every pregnancy is different. After my first pregnancy I never quite got "back", my second I was smaller than "back within a few months, and my third...well, that's right now. She is 1 and I still don't dare buy clothes because my size seems to keep changing every week. :)

Erin Taylor said...

Pop Tumms like candy, keep em by your bed, sleep sitting up, drink lots of milk... I had the WORST HB when I was prego!

I agree with Jen, "post" pregnancy body is different. Sad, but true. Save the clothes buying for when you can finally button up that old pair of jeans again, then go out on a total shopping spree!

Katrina said...

Drats that you are getting heartburn already. I didn't get it until 3rd trimester with Asher and so far am doing ok this time too. I do get the burps though pretty much as soon as I'm pregnant. It is weird and annoying and they are sometimes painful too.

I also took tums, but I hate them so I tried not to. For some reason drinking diet coke helped me. I know it sounds crazy and not healthy, but it helped. Sleeping propped up became necessary for me too. And giving up spicy food.

Shantell said...

Tums worked for me too. The plus side is your baby will have lot's of hair! Weird but true!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I would live in Northern Washington. Same thing...slow, cozy, and green.

Anonymous said...

Oh also, is that dress from Anthro? I think I saw it there yesterday. Sadly, it is very short. Two short for us modest dressers. :(

I'm A. said...

Yes! Anthro. And thank you for telling me it is short because now I can stop thinking about it without ever having to see it.

Aron said...

Wow, those are great photos... tough lighting too.
I'd live in more than one place if I could choose. With my job though, you can't swing it. I figure that's why I keep moving though.

Agree with comments above re heartburn. tums, avoid acidic foods and triggers, eat slowly, small and often, avoid reclining after meal. I hope it gets better!

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