Monday, February 1, 2010

Some dirt on the pregnancy...

things that i suddenly have an inability to think about, let alone eat, without getting ill...
-hot meat
things that are now a part of my day-to-day existence...
-a gross, metallic-like, taste in my mouth almost 100% of the time
-dry, dry, dry lips that burn with the fire of a thousand suns
-long fingernails {i'm fine with this}
-a perpetual pukey feeling when i'm hungry and when i'm not hungry and when i breath and when i sleep and when i exist. i think i'm getting better. but i don't want to hope too soon.
-the worst memory of all time
-feeling like a crappy wife. because i used to clean and do dishes and help make dinner and stuff...or at least i pretended like i was going to do all those things. and now i don't even pretend anymore. i just lay on the couch and complain to b about how i feel like total shat. poor b. i don't even throw away the lids to my yogurt anymore. i just set them on the counter know...opening the garbage can causes gagging.
-the ability to actually FEEL my uterus. WTF?!
-RIDICULOUS breakdowns. for example...bawling hysterically for 2 hours because we ate dinner at souper salad. try and figure that one out. i know i can't.
i think that's enough for now.
now you can all tell me how crazy you were so i feel less psycho. fun! go!


Tyler and Megan said...

Ha! Pregnant. No fun. You are not helping me want to be pregnant ever. But I wish I could have been around for the SouperSalad breakdown. I think I might cry if forced to eat there too. So no judgement on that one. Also...I don't know if I can hold off much longer on no shopping for bebee. Please hurry and tell me what it is. Thanks. And sorry you are sick/crazy.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

When I was pregnant, I used to cry for about 30 minutes every night about the same things, over and over, for about a month. It got to the point that John would just absentmindedly pat me without saying anything, because what could he say?

Prego=crazy sometimes

Melissa Stringham said...

COngrats by the way! When are you due? I am having a boy in March. I am guessing you are still in the first trimester? Yuck!

Probably you will start to feel better soon. But the dry skin, bad memory, tiredness and breakdowns don't really end until your baby is a few months old :(.

One think that helped my constant nausea with this pregnancy was pink lemonade and ginger snaps. Something about ginger and sour things settles your stomach, worth a shot.

Congrats again!

Amy and Daniel said...

I feel for you! Boys have no idea what is it like being pregnant! but I guess they have to put up with crazy pregnant wives, so I guess it all works out. I had the craziest dreams when I was pregnant (I had to be careful what I watched before I went to bed). My mouth would get so dry, especially at night. I would wake up and I couldn't swallow because my mouth and throat were so dry. I started keeping candies by my bed because that seemed to help. I also had to start wearing 'breath right' strips at night, but even that didn't help enough for my husband. He slept on the couch for a couple of months. (I offered to sleep on the couch, but he wouldn't let me). So, not only did he not get good sleep, but he had to put up with his emotional wife during the day. I would get so emotional sometimes, over nothing, and even though I knew I was being irrational, I still spent hours crying over nothing. isn't all bad and it is SO worth it! The second trimester is so much easier. Hang in there!

Ali said...

Dude. I was an emotional nightmare. Andrew was congratulating himself for surviving - after the first 13 weeks had passed.

The dishes were something I could not handle, I HATED the scent of Andrew's deodorant, Brushing my teeth made me gag, sometimes to the point of vomiting, etc.

I have no advice other than sleep as much as you can as it provides the only escape from the nausea. After 13 weeks or so, things started to get better. Keep the details, coming because your misery, I mean writing, is entertaining (don't be offended, please). Feel better soon!

Katie A. said...

i would cry for 2 hours if i had to eat at souper salad too!

Marcus and Amy said...

Duh! I feel stupid now for writing that long comment (on your V-day post) and totally missing your post announcing that you are prego!! Please forgive me, its been a long 6 weeks! Congrats though!!!

I had HORRIBLE migrains my 1st trimester that tylenol would not even touch and cried because I wanted so bad to take my beloved excedrin and could not!

I loved my 2nd trimester besides the fact that I had a hard time finding maternity clothes that looked some what nice on me!

I hated my 3rd trimester because I had terrible goin pain and was sure that my pelvic bone would break at any moment and I had to sleep with a million pillows! And I was so so so so swollen and then had a tramatic week long labor that resulted in a C-section.

I was emotional the most during my 3rd trimester and REALLY emotional for 4 weeks after I had her! I cried when I opened a sweater my mom gave me for Christmas! BUT - "they" say I will do this all again and its worth it...and I didn't believe anyone, but the truth is, yes I will do it all again! (Not for 2 years though!!)

I am excited for you!!! You will be a great mom!

Melanie said...

I almost vomited just from reading this post. I won't go through all the pregnancy woes I had because I'm sure you've heard them and I don't want to sound like a broken record. I was sick the entire pregnancy but I'm pretty sure that's not normal. When are you due? Hopefully things ease up for you soon.

Erin Taylor said...

Ha! I know, soooooo not funny, but you sound like I did! Poor thing! I had to completely give up the Food Network for 9 months.

Jen said...'s horrible. We are discussing baby #4 right now because our 2 year plan puts me having a baby in the middle of Seth's last semester of school during his Practicum + clinicals. Even then, he would rather me have a newborn (+3) at that point than be pregnant...I am that bad when pregnant! Pretty sad that even my husband doesn't like me when I am pregnant! Yuck yuck yuck! On to my preggo craziness story - when pregnant with Brynn, the only thing I could eat was 1 lunchable, once a day, for an entire month and a half. I cannot even look at a lunchable now without gagging!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I can't even tell you how much I can relate to this. Although I haven't announced it fully, yet, because I am only 10 weeks, I am in the same boat. I haven't done my hair or makeup since Sunday. Jotham had to coerce me into getting in the shower today. The toilet is my best friend and my kids run around looking like orphans. Hang in there. We can do this. :(

Dustin and Whit said...

thanks for the dirt! I am so sorry your pregnancy has been so hard, I definitely feel for you! You have already heard my horror stories so i wont even get started but I can say that tootsie pops and coke are a perfect way to curb the nausea in the morning, I was a chain tootsie pop smoker. Hang in there, before you know it it will all be over and you will be ready to do it again :)

I'm A. said...

You people are THE. BEST. Fo reals. Misery loves company. And I love ya'll.