Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Duchovny...Why don't you love me?!

while i'm on a roll of posting frivolous, meaningless junk on my blog {the bach, old spice commercials, more of the bach, etc} i thought i would just go ahead an continue posting frivolous, meaningless junk on my blog. which sometimes i want to call my glob.

as of late i have had pregnancy brain so i can no longer remember how to do my job. therefore, i spend a large portion of my day thinking about david duchovny (he's hot). this also might have to do with the fact that b and i have been watching all 9 seasons of the x files over the last year.

below are my favorite male celebrities...either because they are hot or good at something or both of those reasons or neither of those reasons.

anyways, i'm going to need you to tell me yours so i don't die of boredom at work. i think this is a good plan. we can all engage in the frivolity together.

alright. here we go.

01. fox mulder.
oh fox mulder.
02. john cusack.
03. jeff goldblum.
don't ask.04. adam lambert.
yes, i know he's gay. still hot.05. michael jackson in the pretty phase...
which was after the black phase but before the my-face-is-caving-in-phase.
06. brit daniel {the blonde up front}.
he makes good songs.
07. matt damon.
he looks like b. or b looks like him. or something.
08. viggo mortensen.
he scares me.
09. snoop.
it's the voice.
10. johnny depp.
in all his freaky glory. this photo in particular speaks to me.
11. justin timberlake.
or...ahem...this version of him is also pretty good.
12. and i amended the list to include robert downey once barb reminded me that i love him.
i like the freaks!

ok. your turn.


Meg said...

Adam Lambert?!? No Sarser. NO. I will think of mine after I get done barfing about Adam Lambert.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Huh. Interesting. Very interesting! I get the Johnny Depp one, for sure. You kind of are drawn to a little bit twisted, yes? Mine are:

George Clooney
David Boreanaz
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
John Krasinski
Tom Welling (this is a back in high school one, but I still love him)
Patrick Dempsey
Robert Downey Jr.
Ashton Kutcher
Ben Affleck
Chris Noth (Mr. Big!)
Sean Connery (I know, he's old)
Zac Efron (I know, I'm a cougar)

Hmm, this is embarrassingly long.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Andrea! I would have to say your list is not doing it for me. Viggo Mortensen, yes. Justin Timberlake, yes. No one else. I was so displeased with your selection, that I thought Jake might be on there! Just kidding. But really. My list...hmmmm a few are Ben Harper, Russel Crowe (in the Gladiator, can you say WOWZA?)

Okay, I have to be honest with you on one. This is a skeleton in my closet. I hope you watch the show, otherwise you completely won't get it. But someone that majorly does it for me is (only know his characters name), Sayid Jarrah in LOST. There I said it. I don't know why. It's his countenance I suppose. His manliness and sadness all wrapped up in one.

Dustin and Whit said...

did you see Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) on American Idol? I about died and went to heaven, I had to confess to Dustin that I was having fantasies about another man, and more than that, a member of the jonas brothers no less!

BTW- just be glad you do not have to write your senior thesis paper with pregnancy brain, that is a very bad situation.

Ali said...

Christian Bale.
Steve Martin (don't ask).
Matt Damon.
Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost)

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I thought of another one!

Tom Selleck (I know, I know! I can't help myself!)

I'm A. said...

Sayid. Umm...ABSOLUTELY.

Tom Selleck. Yes yes yes.

Melanie said...

My top 3:

Jude Law
John Cusack
Christian Bale=Batman=Sexy + I love him in Little Women

Johnny Depp is up there too

And Tom Selleck? Seriously? He looks like my father-in-law. Ewe.

Meg said...

Okay lets give this a go.
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
George Clooney
Paul Millsap (does that count? ha)
Matthew Macfadyen (in Pride and Predjudice...but nothing else)
Christian Bale

And Jonny Wier.
Okay that is a joke.
But I do love him.

This is not a very good list. I will think of more later.

But if we can add old guys I will go with Clark Gable.

Erin Taylor said...

I thought this was my list of hot guys until you put Adam Lambert there, then I threw up a little in my mouth! Also, not so much a fan of Justin T. or that rapper guy. John Cusack has been a crush of mine since "Say Anything..." which was probably before you were born. I'm going to throw in Patrick Dempsey and Brad Pitt (BEFORE Angelina), and Legolas from LOTR, (but not the actor that plays him. Well, ok, maybe him in Pirates, but nothing else.)

Meg said...

Okay I love Legolas too. ha. Thats a good one.

I'm A. said...

People! What is so wrong with Adam Lambert? He's beautiful (all-be-it in a super feminine kind of way) and insanely talented. Plus, he reminds me of David Bowie. And David Bowie is AWESOME. And I just get the feeling that he would be fun.

Also, while Snoop Dog may not appeal to everyone (or anyone) there is something about his voice. His voice drives me a little crazy. And the fact that he is all weird-looking and inhumanly skinny. And now that I have written that paragraph I see that I am not helping myself at all. are so funny and probably a lot right when you say I tend to like the bit twisted. Ha. I laughed when I read that... totally correct. Also, I am totally on board with Tom Selleck.

And Ruth...I'm also totally on board with Sayid.

Whit...Joe Jonas?...HILARIOUS. But I understand.

Ali...Josh Holloway (but only as Sawyer)...yes!

Melanie...Tom Selleck TOTALLY looks like your father in law. I might have to rethink that one. Ha.

And anyone who said George Clooney...I can concur. He's old man hot. But also maybe a little boring and sexist.

Anonymous said...

Erin, I am with you on Legolas in LOTR! Love him.

Okay, and David Bowie. Yes, yes, yes! I was madly in love with him in Labrynth as a child, tights and all.

And since people are throwing out the generic ones, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. I will add my generic one... Matthew Mcconaughey. Such a typical hot man, but oh so hot.

Erin Taylor said...

Ruth- ya, McConaughey can be hot, but he generally just looks stinky with that stupid cigar all the time! Yuck! Why do hot stars always try to look like homeless drug addicts?

Anonymous said...

I forgot one! I had a dream about it him once, and it was delicious. Even though he is only 5 years old, Michael Phelps. Oh that Michael Phelps! Such power I tell you. I bet he didn't know that almost 30 year old woman shmooz over him.