Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All {and by 'all' we mean 'a bunch of lies that they have been fed to boost ratings.}

rozlyn is hotter than you.so, as usual, last nights 'women tell all' was boring.
and mostly i don't have much to say.
other than these few points:
1- jake looked like crap. has he lost weight? and wow jake, good job on making us believe that you are "happy". that conversation was just so natural!
chris harrison: i know you can't reveal to much but are you happy with the way things turned out?
jake: uhh. yeah. i'm happy. *sniffle* {as a tear slides down his emaciated cheek.}
looks to me like he has already broken up with vienna. and since i am cold and heartless that makes me happy.
2-whether or not roz had a thing going with some producer on the show is completely beside the point because who really even cares? in fact, she apparently is the only girl on the show with a brain for treating this ridic mess just as it should be...like one giant interview for all these women to get their modeling/acting/singing/soap opera careers off the ground. it's laughable that roz can't flirt with a producer without being ripped to shreds on national tv but jake can make out with and in some instances actually sleep with as many women on the show as he pleases and its perfectly acceptable.
3-i thought chris harrison was lower than low this week. total douche.
4-the contrived apology from ali to vienna was all just a setup to making her next seasons bachelorette. gag. if they had to choose someone from this season it should be ella. she's gorg and classy.
and now one week left. i'm stickin with vienna all the way even though the show is trying really hard to make us believe that he doesn't choose either of them.


Meg said...

1- Do you suppose it is possible that Jake is gay? Just staying. Although if he was gay he would probably dress better. So maybe scratch that...but I still think it could be possible.
2- Chris Harrison acted like a fool. He was such a jerk and it made him and the show look totally stupid. He was so defensive and condescending that I didn't buy one word out of his mouth.
3- Roz was pretty awesome in how she handled it. I give her props.
4- Ali is retarded. I love how she tired to force out some watery eyes to show how sad she was. And then she proceeded to tell us (with Chris' help) that if she could do it again she would choose love over work. And that she uses her job as a safety net and that she is ready to let that go. OH PLEASE. Spare us and stop acting like the entire country is so retarded that we don't know that it is all so set up.
5- Probably not a good idea to show all the past people from the show partying their guts out. Sort of goes against the whole idea of the show where everyone was supposedly ready to get married and settle down. Uhhh it doesn't look like it.
And in conclusion. I hate the bachelor and I HATE Chris Harrison.

I'm A. said...

I agree with everything you said. And yeah, I just love and care SO MUCH about all the past losers from this show so thanks for spending a whole 30 minutes showing me how they all hook up in the hot tub and party every weekend. Seriously. I don't need to know what all the bachelors and bachelorettes from seasons 1-20 are up too. No really. I don't. But yeah, hilarious, and I totally agree, it really looks like they are all looking to meet the right person and settle down. HA.

Jen said...

I missed the first 30 minutes, but it sounds like that is A-OK. I am not sure I agree about the whole Roz thing, though. I think she acted really sketchy about the whole thing and I am pretty sure she had a relationship with the producer guy...too many of the other girls who I thought were nice and decent said things. Maybe it was planned to look that way, but I don't think so. I wish he wouldn't pick anyone, but I think that he is going to pick stupid Vienna, so I am totally prepared for it to be a bummer.

I'm A. said...

Jen...Yeah, I think I agree with you about Roz acting skethcy. And I think something probably was up with the producer. But, I still was annoyed by how she was treated on national tv by the show who obviously LOVES the fact that they can play up this "scandal" for ratings. When basically, this show is centered around one person getting it on with multiple people all at one time. Funny.

Meg said...

Can I just say one other thing that seems to have been totally overlooked because of the Rozlyn thing? Lets talk about Michelle. She seemed about 100 times more normal last night than she was on the whole show. And then the second she commented about how what you see on TV is not always how people are in real life Chris Harrison jumped all over her and made fun of her and had the girls do the same thing. Did anyone else feel that way? I thought he was such a huge jerk last night. I couldn't believe what a jerk actually. But i see a pattern forming here...You say something bad about the show (ie Roz or Michelle) and they make you look like a complete and total moron. Its sad. But I don't think we got a very accurate picture of Michelle on the show. Even though I did love how crazy she appeared to be- and yes she probably is a bit strange...but it just didnt seem like she was such a nut case as the show led us to believe.

Nichole and Philip Swink said...

Remember when everyone was swearing on the lives of something? And that one ugly, big haired Canandian girl said "I swear on my dog's life!" then Roz said "I swear on my CHILD's LIFE!"

That was dramatic and lame.

I think to add more scandal to the show they should make Roz the new bachelorette.

Meg, I think Jake is gay. That would explain his affinity for forehead kisses and sob stories.

And I'm going to go out on a limb and say he picks Tenley... I know they made it seemed like he loves her, because they played that little segment 3 times ("I am in love with Tenley"). But...BUT!! I think because the show is making it seem like he picks neither - he'll probably pick neither.

Maybe he'll pick Chris. Hopefully.

I loved that they showed all the past idiots doing service. And by 'loved' I mean peed my pants at how terrible and fake it was. That one big boobed one holding the little Mexican girl...c'mon. She probably ripped her shirt off after that and threw a fit while jumping into a pool.

I'm A. said...

Brilliant observations Nichole. Where to even start?!...

-I swear on my CHILD'S LIFE. Ha. Good stuff.
-Forhead kisses as being as sign of Jake's gayness. Good call. Good, good call.
-And your whole last paragraph was just so right on.

But, no way he's picking Tenley. He isn't physically attracted to her because she doesn't look like a dude. Which is why Vienna for the win! Woot!

Sarah said...

I really have no comment this week. It was just a waste and I should have been watching the Olympics. But, I still love your comments.

Jen said...

OK, I hear ya...there is definitely waaaay too much drama made over the rediculous things on this show in all cases - Ros, Michelle, Ali having a temper tantrum in the hallway, everyone hating Vienna...the whole shebang! The end result is that everyone behaves dispicably to each other. And I get the whole juxtaposition of the morals soapbox being touted by THIS show. I just try not to think about it because the whole premise of the show is so opposite my own morals that if I think about it too much, I might just have to stop watching (gasp)! I must have missed the part about Michelle's normalness though...I still think she's kind of a weirdo, but she'll probably be fine in real (non tv dramaticized) life.