Friday, February 19, 2010

B and some things I have been meaning to post...

today is b's birthday. he is OLLLLD. the big 2-7. i'm grateful that i will never be as old as he is. {until may.} i love b. he's the best of the best. happy birthday b. you make my life happy. and now a little entertainment for your friday...

this is a great example of how hollywood and studios destroy perfectly good songs.

this video is kara dioguardi performing a song she wrote with jason reeves. the song is 'terrified'. i love this song. LOVE. have loved it since i watched this video a while back.

and here is the same song, 'terrified', being performed by didi benami who is a top 24 finalist on this seasons american idols. i love her voice. she might be one of my top 3 favorites this season. and i still love this song.

and lastly, the same song again, but now it's all studio-phied and performed by katharine mcphee. and now, magically, i hate this song. if i heard this for the first time on the radio i would not be into it. boo.

next up...where the H have i been? how did i miss this? how?! i feel cheated out of hours and hours of joy at work. ridic.

so for those not in the know {like me} here are some links:
ps22 chrous on wikipedia
ps22 chorus's blog

and a little background:

The PS22 Chorus is an elementary school chorus from Public School 22 in Graniteville, Staten Island (New York). It is comprised of 60-70 fifth-graders, and is directed by Gregg Breinberg. The chorus has been featured on several major national news and music networks after its videos had gained international attention within the popular video-sharing site YouTube. As of January 5, 2010 the chorus’s videos have been watched more than 12,000,000 times

and now watch these. i sort of freaked out when i saw them. they almost make me want to bawl. how awesome is their teacher?!...definitely doing his part in helping these kids discover their talent and instilling a love for music in them. LOVE.


Meg said...

I have never heard that song and I LOVED it. Yay. Thanks for the introduction. And I agree 100% that the K.M. version was no good at all. The second one almost makes me want to watch idol. Almost. But not quite. And I loved PS22! So amazing. I might be in love with their teacher. He must be the most amazing person. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

AND Happy birfday B. You guys are cutes.

Katrina said...

Loved Didi's version of the song. Her voice is very cool. Katherine McPhee's was BORING. I didn't hate it but I wouldn't have remembered it. She is boring though which is half the problem.

Sarah said...

oh! i loved this post. kara has totally grown on me, and i loved her song. didi, i saw this on ai and it was the one i rewound and watched again. i agree totally cool song and girl. katherine is just not my style, elevator music. ps22, i love you! your teacher is the coolest man, why not use fantastic current music instead of singing about seasons, or some other silly music used in schools. loved it and totally love how the kids are so so real - they are totally into it. thanks for sharing, good post! happy bday to b as well.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I randomly had just barely heard the McPhee version of this song when I stumbled upon your blog....thanks for posting the other versions, you have just saved the song for me. I wish Didi or Kara would release it.