Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A QUICK Bachelor recap because I'm too bored with it to exert too much effort...

ella. booted. HUGE shocker. she's better off.
kathryn-something-or-another. booted. snooooore.
jessie/jamie (?), i dont even know her name. booted. about time. but thanks for letting jake know your thoughts on vienna! he obviously really took your suggestions to heart.
ashleigh. booted. yeah ashleigh, act all surprised even though you couldn't form a coherent sentence while in his presence. and saying "soooo...." over and over again while straddling your leg across his lap in your "dress" that's actually an extra-small black shirt doesn't really count.
and can i point out how FREAKING HILARIOUS jake was during his OFF THE CUFF, SPUR OF THE MOMENT and TOTALLY NOT SCRIPTED decision to not give out the final two roses. and how also freaking hilarious it was that he was ONE rose away from the final rose, which is when chris harrison walks out and delivers my most favorite weekly line... "ladies, jake, this is the final rose"... so, shouldn't chris be waiting in the wings ready to walk out....but no...he was totally out in the courtyard shooting the shiz with the other producers in this totally OFF THE CUFF, SPUR OF THE MOMENT and NOT SCRIPTED moment!
not buying it bachelor. not. buying. it. this show is so scripted that i am pretty sure they actually PICK the winner.
now we are down to...
tenley-who i'm starting to think is borderline retarded. she'll be top 3.
ali-who is really turning into a gigantic, whining, obnoxious beyotch who has to have a serious relationship talk with jake every second. i bet he is totally in love with that.
gia-she's nice enough. whatever. although having him carry her around the vineyard like a 2-year-old was mucho weirdo.
corrie-going home next week.
and vienna. let's discuss...
she is CLEARLY young, immature, stupid and spoiled. also not cute. in fact, any redeeming qualities she might have are obviously being edited out by the show. even STILL...have you ever seen a group of bachelorettes all team up together and hate one person so vehemently? i haven't. its crazy. and of course i love it. but here is my question...if jake is REALLY this good ole' boy from the south, southern gentleman, down to earth, NICE guy that he claims to be...who just wants a sweet, kind, down to earth girl who he can marry and impregnate with his dorky, little blond sperms then why the hell is he SO into vienna? even DESPITE the fact that he knows that every girl hates her? seriously. i am posing this question to you.
ready. discuss!


Tyler and Megan said...

He is not into Vienna. The producers are. She is the only person left on the show to incite any amount of drama. Obviously they have to keep her around. But lets just pretend for a few minutes that this show is real and not totally scripted...then I have a few thoughts. First- I think it is probably annoying to Jake to have the girls talking crap about other girls to his face. That is not usually an attractive thing. Guys are not into the drama and it is just a turn off. Second thought-he wants to be in charge. Vienna may be a crazy spoiled brat but he wants to be the one to come to that conclusion. It was like Jill with Wes.

I also liked Gia last night minus the carrying like a two year old. That was very very awkward. And man Jake is super lame. ha. And Tenley is a little over the top for my taste but she seems to be the only girl Jake acts comfortable and normal with. So I think he should choose her.

Sarah said...

hello hello bachelor friends. i couldnt agree with you two more. first of all the thing that stuck out more than anything last night was the totally dorky flannel shirts he was wearing and the cocktail dresses the girls would wear out 'camping.' it was so dorky. so dorky. my favorite part was when vienna made the awkward comment about talking to jake last on the group date. also 2nd favorite part, how ali said she would go postal if he kept vienna. so he kept her- and nothing from ali, keep your word girl. it was classic, but yes pretty boring last night.thanks for the recap.

Erin Taylor said...

So, how do you know Chelsea Lorimer? She was my son's 1st grade teacher! Funny! Anyway, now I don't have to watch the Bachelor online- this has helped greatly!

naezandkidz said...

HaHa you said it all...I got onto my facebook and the spoiler was out who wins the show and how it all goes..I think you girls are going to enjoy this season!!:)

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

Andrea you are so funny...Tay and I watched the first episode out of curiousity...now I don't have to watch any of the others as I can just come here to your blog and get the full update Andrea style...which is way more entertaining :)

Ali said...

He will end up with Vienna. I'm preparing myself for the disappointment. Consider me on the record. I'm basing this assumption on the hints he has dropped on his blog...about how people will be left scratching their heads, etc.

Tenley is the most like him. Ali is too grumpy (but I like her) and Ella who was a doll didn't have the chemistry with him. Vienna and Jake share the most "real" moment of the entire series (too date) when the jumped off that cliff. There was nothing scripted about him wanting to pee his pants and her consoling his fears. She isn't my favorite, but I think she might end up his. Brace.Yourself.Kids.

Mr. P said...

I like pizza. It's really good with extra cheese, extra meat, and extra sauce. Just give me extra everything.

Jake's a nerd, awkward to watch. Vienna always has a look on her face of shock. SURPRISE! She's stupid.