Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm going to miss Michelle.

ok. lets start from the top.
vienna seems super young and immature. although i didn't completely hate her on her one on one date. {you know who i did hate? jake.} and, i thought the girls and ESPECIALLY ali were unnecessarily and overly harsh on her. why do they care so much? its weird. and she clearly cares that they all hate her. so she genuinely apologizes and of course they don't like that at all. because they want to hate her. just ask ali..."it's a pact." i also thought they all freaked out a LITTLE too much when vienna asked jake for some one on one time during the cocktail party. listen, if all those beyotches had been talking shee to him behind my back i'd want a little one on one time with him to explain myself too. i don't understand why they all think that just because she got a rose she should fore go her one on one time with him. why should she give a SHEE about any of them? and vice verse. it's every girl for herself.
p.s. this doesn't mean i like her.
so yeah, ali was kind of a beyotch this episode no? and this picture is clearly photo shopped to high heaven because this girl has a gap in between every tooth. just sayin.next up...the worst group date of all time. if jake made me stand up and do my own comedy routine in front of an audience i'd be out the door in 5 seconds. but michelle was like a shining star being all crazy and uncomfortable and on her own planet. how awesome was it that she demands he kiss her. so he does BEGRUDGINGLY. then she says "that's all i get?" then tells him she is leaving. he says "good idea." and then she freaks out because he didn't beg her to stay. that all makes perfect sense to me. i'd beg her to stay. come back michelle!
also fun that jake was all drained and super sad face because all the girls were ripping on vienna. apparently he likes her. like...THE MOST. gag. he could not end that group date fast enough once they started telling him not so nice things about vienna. and he refused to give out a rose, clearly to punish them for ripping on his favorite. yay!
one on one date with ella and her kid was cute. i take back every mean thing i have ever said about her. she is gorgeous and genuinely kind. he would have been a total douche not to give her a rose. i predict she goes home soon though. jake is awkward with kids. they cramp his making out style. plus, ella deserves a man and her kid deserves a dad. not some weenie pansy face. {jake}
i found it interesting that the show refused to put valishia on the screen for even 5 seconds. did they even go on one date? she was basically not even there. and then he kicked her off. i felt sad for her...whoever she is.
good riddance to elizabeth. she is super scary. and apparently half-way retarded since she couldn't make sense of jakes completely justified annoyance at her pretending to have morals or jealousy or something so she wont kiss him but she will tease him about it. guess what elizabeth? you're not as smart as you think.
ashleigh is pretty. she'll go home soon.
so will corrie.
in other news...apparently there are some other random chicks on this show that he has yet to kick off but i've never seen them before so who knows...

i think we are going to see a lot more of gia next week. at this point i pretty much don't know anything about her. except of course, that she is made of plastic.

i still predict tenley being in the top 3. but i dont think he'll pick her because that would just make way too much sense seeing as how she is by far and away the best choice for him.


Meg said...

Ok so first of all ABC sucks butt. They are so lame for putting the pregnancy thing up and it being a total lie. Second, Tenly is the best choice for him. No doubt. Third, I am really super pissed that Ali has turned out to be a total beyotch. Sad. Oh well. And finally, Ella is the best thing to step foot into the Bachelor house ever. I hope she gets out quick. She is way too sweet and wonderful and motherly to be with Jake.
Oh- and I hated Jake on his one on one with Vienna. What a wiener! Come on! Dont take her on the date and then cry into her shoulder and then talk about it for the rest of the night. NOT ATTRACTIVE. And I will miss Michelle and her coconuts. Sigh.

Meg said...

Oh- and the stand up commedy thing was pure evil. I would have walked right out too. SO DUMB.

Dustin and Whit said...

I don't get jessie and gia, what is he keeping them around for? Gia belongs in a soap or something else, she is too sensual for the likes of this drama. I loved that Elizabeth got kicked to the curb, eat it. She was so sure of herself, but I still would rather have her around then vienna, blah.

Sarah said...

Ok wow, as jake would say lots to digest. i agree about ali- last week she was so cute- this week she was like the babysitter of all situations. last week vienna was a bit weird to me, this week she was cooler than jake was on the date. gia is a swimsuit model and that is that. they were all terrible at the comedy show- so terrible. and so totally rude- it wouldn't really be that hard to come up with something decent? it was painful. and one last thought- sorry so long... i have this tiny tiny thought that michelle might actually be normal - but the show made her act totally weird- she probably did want to leave because the show is bogus.

Meg said...

I kind of agree with you Sarah. I think Michelle is probably some aspiring actress who took on the role of playing the crazy. And bless her for it. I am going to miss her.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh gosh, I loved reading this. It was witty and pretty much right on the ball.