Monday, November 2, 2009

New. Spoon. Album. Holy. Crap.

mark told me.
Photo by Autumn de Wilde.
spoon is my favorite. and by favorite i mean FAAVVOORRIITTEEE.
and by FAAVVOORRIITTEEE i mean i am totally obsessed.
new album means one thing...
we are going right spoon friends?! right?!
{mark, dave, michellbatross, sunny, e, sarah, MICAH{!!!}, jason...}
britt daniel i love you.

fine. one more.


Meg said...

ooo. I like the songs you posted. And on another note...come to Portland? Say...Thursday?

I'm A. said...

Fine. I will.

e said...

I'm in.

Jason said...

Um... I think I need to be added to the fan list. I'm feeling left out.

I'm A. said...

done. :)