Monday, November 9, 2009

Emily and I met Ree!

she was skinny and beautiful and very well dressed. and had a huge, blingin' diamond ring. and a fabulous camera. and she sang her ethel merman impersonation. it was just all very awesome.
look who we ran into:
sarah and sarah.
also, here is emily and i clinging to our pioneer women cookbooks. they were a hot commodity around there since kings english sold out very quickly.
oh, also barb. we love barb. and i'm posting this picture of her because it's amazing.
along with barb i got to briefly meet casey who writes moosh in indy. and then, randomly, later in the night i ran into these two women who told me a story about how a nice girl who writes some website called "mooseandandy?", "mooseandmindy?", something like that...she gave them her ticket and her cookbook...FOR FREE! i was pretty touched by that. and i also felt important when i told them that the blog author who so kindly gave them her cook book was "MOOSH IN INDY". i'm very in-the-know.
while waiting to meet ree for hours and hours in the cold i got bored. boredom always leads to me taking pictures of my feet. always.
{there is more. i restrained myself by posting only two.}
finally! after 3 hours we got to enter the bookstore...which had HEAT. and also, another 45 minute wait.
side note: this girl was behind us in line. i don't know her. but i kind of wish i did. this is emily posing so i could actually get a shot of the crazy back there. she was loudly talking into her phone about sluts and whores and people who should be excommunicated. she also used the phrase: "sluts love their young women medallions". priceless. that little comment has officially made it's way into emily's and my everyday rotation of awesome things to say.
and we made it! ree is so awesome. totally worth the wait.
what would have been just a little bit more awesome was getting to meet dooce. i knew i should have plastered myself to barb and casey's side. read here and here.
oh...and also...i'm on pioneer woman's website. wha?!?! see the last picture on this post. emily is more noticeable but you can see me looking all creepy behind her.
and my life is now complete.


Amanda the Couch said...

i'm so glad you guys were able to meet her and have so much fun. however you should be super jealous cuz i've totaly met dooce. I met her standing in line at Starbucks at the SLC Airport. She was super awesome, and kind. we totally shared a moment, it was life changing. (not really, but pretty cool)

Amanda the Couch said...

umm yeah, i TOTALLY spelled TOTALLY wrong. i rule

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Um, thanks for posting that weird picture of me. What was I doing? I look psycho, but skinnier than I actually am, so let's call it even.

Oh yeah, I met Dooce and then she was swept away. I felt like a huge dork.

It was fun to see you girls there!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Check out the PW's photo of all three of us!

I'm A. said...

Ha! So funny Barb. We are all pretty cool.

Tiffany said...

You are the funniest of the funniest and I thank you for letting me live vicariously through this post!

P.S. If I had a nickel for every slutty girl with a Young Women medallion...

Tyler and Megan said...

Ugh! I wish I would have been there! SARSER! Thats not fair to ME!

moose and dandy said...

Love Barb.

And seriously, what is up with those sluts and their medallions?

Also? We're kind of best friends now because you take pictures of your friends so you can actually take pictures of other people.

Did you hear me scream inappropriate things at Trudy and Jill when they tried to give me money?

Yeah, that was me.