Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is the last Europe post! I swear! (Probably!)

but seriously, how incredible is this?
i realize this picture sucks and doesn't do the painting JUSTICE but wow. the size! and detail! the colors! completely gorgeous. i just want to transplant myself right into the scene. i sat in front of this painting for quite a long while {and not because my feet hurt so badly that i was actually thinking about removing them with a sharp tool}.
here is a more detailed photo of the painting. {i strongly encourage you to click that link.}
i also remember being BLOWN AWAY by the winged victory of samothrace. the first time i saw it, which was 6 years ago, i just cried.
*anyone have a painting/sculpture that you have seen in person that completely floored you?


Meg said...

I have to say she is my first. Obviously. But The David was a close second. He was incredible. As was La Pieta. They were so much more amazing in person. How lucky are we to have been able to see these amazing pieces in person?

Katie A. said...

Ok Andrea, I found out that we go from Budapest to Nuremberg, then to Paris for 3 days (I lost the Florence battle). So, tell me what to do! said...


I'm A. said...

Katie...I have so many things to say! Email me!