Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this is called the colosseum.
the pantheon. as michelle would say...does not suck.
trevi fountain.
the spanish steps.
vatican city. where we learn that god apparently loves opulence and gold and sparkles and marble. and gold.
and a few fuzzy, secret shots of the sistine chapel taken from inside the camera bag while rickie coughed to cover up the sound of the camera click.


Tyler and Megan said...

Oh I love Rome too! First...I look very scary in every single picture. Second, I am offended that you did not post any of my model shots on the Spanish Steps and Thrid, the picture of Rickie drinking from the fountain is totally adorable. She is just adorable. Lucky her.

Marci said...

1) all your pictures have made me start crying because I miss Europe so much. 2)Last summer when Sarah and I were at the Vatican we got to ride in the "Pope's Elevator" which was really just the elevator for people in wheelchairs but the operator told us that it was because he was tyring ot hit on Sarah.

Lizzie Jones said...

Stop posting all of this! Andrea, you're going to drive me mad.

Tiffany said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing. You are a great photographer, by the way. Love the covert pictures of the Sistine Chapel.

Marcus and Amy said...

Oh I love Italy! Expecially Rome! I was just a young 15 when I went and I would love to go back! The Trevi fountain was one of my favorites!

You should really consider entering your artistic ability to photograph anything so well into a contest of some sort. Really! You are a great photographer, I just love looking at your pictures!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Really excellent photos!

e said...

If they had a time for every stolen photo of the sistine chapel. I love all of these, but it does make me a little wistful--like it does everyone else. :)

Michelle T-C said...

Does NOT suck.

I'm glad God loves art.