Monday, July 13, 2009

This show is so boring without Wes.

i kept waiting for some good drama or comic relief.  there was none.    
but...can i just point out how RIDICULOUS that whole body oil scene with jill and ed was.  i. hated. that.  it just made me cringe and throw up in my mouth a little.  i do like this shot though.  jill keepin it  classy:
i was sort of shocked that ed was the one with the bedroom issues.  but i was more shocked by his hideous tank top and mankini swim shorts.  yucky.  there was just something about ed this week that rubbed me the wrong way.  
rubbed me.  get it?  nevermind.  
here is a shot of jillian's dignity going out the window:
anyways, i was sad to see reid go.  she gave him a million chances and he was lame every time. but he was still my top 2 for sure.  and after all the ed nonsense this week reid might have moved into my number 1 spot.  jill seemed uneasy about letting him go too.  i almost expected her to run after the limo and stop it before reid could pull away.
and i'm not exactly sure why i barely mention kiptyn in this blog.  
and then there were two.   


Meg said...

I agree! lame lame lame! Seriously all fantasy suite scenes were awkward. How about Reid and her in the tub? Nice. Very nice. I personally think they made a WAY bigger deal about the bedroom thing than it was. So he doesn't want to have sex with you with 10 cameras around. I would call that normal. And I liked Eds short swim shorts. But not the tanks. And not the un-done hair. But whatever. This show is lame.

Classy Drifter said...

The tank was a bit much but I was all about the mankini! :)

EmFabulousFunshine said...

it was defintiely a soft core porn with jill's outfit...and then ed got "performance anxiety"...freaking priceless...and i'm glad i wasn't the only one bothered by the mankini...with matching purple tank!!!

Sarah said...

the shorts and tank were too much for me. the worst part was after darling reid left he came over to the bench - we died at the point and he gave us the hee bee gee bees.

Jen said...

who wears short shorts...yuck!!! I am so so sad that she cut Reid! Why do we watch this show again? I am super duper excited for men tell all though...that is going to be a night of serious entertainment!

Waltman said...

andrea i love are the person i need to be talking to about this show. i couldn't agree more.

manwaringfam said...

I was so excited to log onto your blog to see your review. It always summarizes it perfectly. I think the porn scene, unable to deliver thing was a set up. I really do. I think the producers needed to have drama between ed and jillian so that we the viewers would still be wondering who she is going to pick. There is no way that they would have done that porn on the tv like that otherwise? Do you think?

Also, those shorts were so weird. They made me feel very uncomfortable.

Also, I am completely bored with the show. I have a hard time even watching it and find myself fast forwarding through half of it.

Last, I do love the show ( :) ) And Shantell has never stooped as low as to watch it, so I wanted to get her hooked. What episode should we have her watch? i liked that Aaron guy, do you remember him, back in 2003? I think I loved him.

Ahem, that was a joke...

I'm A. said...

Oh my Ruth. The perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette episode for Shantell to watch is going to take some serious research. Ha. But...I think I can pretty confidently say that DeAnna Pappas's season was our favorite.

I think you could be right about the Ed/Jill thing being a set-up. How how HOW STUPID. Ugh.

Also, I sort of thing they are going to bring Reid back. Which would be weird. But I think he is going to show up at the proposal. I just have a feeling.

We need a new season to start. A good one. Blah.