Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pionner Day Photos. (For posterity's sake.)

b and marli ran a race. they both did really great.
i got up super early to take pictures. i did great too.
and then we went to the cabin. i love that drive.
oh, and i got a haircut that i don't really like.
and that's it.


Tyler and Megan said...

I like your haircut. And your pictures. Come to Portland and we can spice up your haircut. See? Fun.

Katrina said...

Great pics. I love the sheep one! And your hair looks cute!

Marcus and Amy said...

You did do great. I love to visit your blog and look at all your pictures.

I think you need to make a book!

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

Andrea! I had no idea you were such an awesome photographer! I love the one with him running and would love to have you show me how to do it! You're so talented! Love you!