Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm in spain, everybody's gonna know my name.

wes had so many priceless one-liners in this episode that it's hard to even know where to begin. except that i do know where to begin. and it's here:
"if it's me [that doesn't get a rose] you know i'll be back home having lots of sex."
there isn't really much to say about the other guys. they wore ties and acted all gentlemenly. lame. but wes! wes pulled out all the stops. he has to "be true to himself...numero uno is most important here." of course. i loved how all the guys were totally cool about jill not using the fantasy suite except for wes, who after the worst date EVER says "i think we should use it." moron. and the whole last 5 minutes of the show after he left in the limo were absolutely INCREDIBLE! pointing out that he is the first guy in bachelor/bachelorette history to make it to the final four with a girlfriend back home. and talking about how he is going to "rip it up" in spain. "i'm in spain, everybody's gonna know my name" (is he retarded?) and, "i'm gonna cut off these chains...clink, clink, clink, clink". and all those little cowboy outfits?!
b and i were in heaven.
wes's family must be so proud! what a great guy.
so back to those other boring guys...
i'm done with kiptyn. and i don't think jill will pick him. he's too fancy for me...or something. i'm not sure what it is.
reid and ed are for sure my favorites. reid jumped a few notches this week. he's pretty chill. i think either would be a good choice. but...i'm sort of worried that the "bedroom issues" are reid's. he's so neurotic. and that means ed for the gold! he's been my favorite all along. and have i mentioned that he's hot?


Tyler and Megan said...

Agreed and agreed. I love the Wes was if not totally already- right on his way to wasted at the ceremony and in the limo. He really did bring a whole new level to the show. Sad to see him go. Sort of. I like Ed best too. But I like Reid too. hmmm Finally all the losers are gone I can start to focus....

I'm A. said...

Yeah it tonly took 8 freaking weeks to get to this point. Ugh. Stupid show.

Jon and Briana said...

when Wes said he thought they should use the fantasy suite after Jillian had just talked about he was not affectionate at all Jon started laughing like full fledged laugh out loud. Wes is an idiot!The whole night all I could think about was how he said he was going to be back home having lots of sex. But the other guys looks when he said that were classic! Wes is a class act home wrecker. Because he cut his ties "clink clink" does that mean he broke up with his gf on national television? Sorry Laurel! Anyway I really like Reid I just love the energy and fun they are always having. I think their relationship is so much more entertaining and fun. Jill and Ed just make out the whole time! It is getting kind of old and all he ever says is I really could not get you out of my mind! sorry but I really like Reid!

Em said...

you must!

the "doll bachelorette"

Jen said...

I read somewhere that Ed also has a girlfriend back home...I don't know if I can handle any more of this crazy drama! I am such a fan of Reid after this episode and so not a fan of Kiptyn...probably a good guy...just not the right one for her. And Wes...I don't use the kind of words that describe Wes, but I am happy to see him gone and I feel bad that Jillian had to watch his limo ride home! Can you even imagine? Bet he is going to sell millions of CDs now...hahaha!

I'm A. said...

Jen! Ha! B and I were saying the same thing...Jill is going to feel SO BAD when she watches the show from home. Yikes. Poor girl.

If Ed has a girlfriend I will be very pissed. This show is going off the deep end.

Erin Taylor said...

I usually watch the show on the internet from start to finish some long day when it's all finished. However, I may just forgo that this year- your comments have been very... enlightening! They crack me up, and are probably much more entertaining than the real thing, anyway!