Monday, July 27, 2009

Fin. (That's 'over' in French...maybe.)


and after watching the whole season i feel like i was tricked into watching a show about helicopter rides.   

seriously though, i just felt bad for jill.  watching this show for the last few months has basically been like watching jill get punched in the face over and over again.  no one deserves the drama that they put that poor girl through.  but, i really do think the final blow was bringing reid back. she handled the whole situation with class but you could tell she was completely heartbroken and confused.  

kiptyn.  so kind.  and adorable.  i never caught on to him but i think his exit raised him a lot of notches in my book.  (do books have notches?)  his whole devoted speech to jillian before he got the boot was paaaainful.  and i know everyone is going to be begging for him to be the next bachelor but can we PLEASE get some fresh meat on this show?  

reid.  oy.  i didn't like that he came back.  i know he was trying to do the right thing and wasn't out to hurt her but COME ON.  give the girl a freaking break.  and also, i thought that the speech he gave her the second time around was JUST AS BAD as when he was actually on the show. i still like him though.  

and lastly, ed.  he's been my favorite all along.  until he turned into a giant goober 2 or 3 episodes back.  but, i think she made a good choice.  and i think they could actually work out. he seems genuinely in love with her.

also, i would like to point out that i hated that she wore a white wedding gown.  wtf?  this is a proposal jillian...not a wedding.  so bizarre.  

so... here we are 1000 performances of 'love it don't take that long' by wes, 320 helicopter rides and 764 interviews about ed's failure in the fantasy suite later.  i feel dumber than when we started.  i'm going to go read a book. 

but for those of you who haven't had enough pain and agony for one summer, i leave you with this:


Amy and Daniel said...

Every season I swear that I am not going to get caught up and watch it, and every time I get sucked in. I do have to say that I wasn't disappointed in jillian's pick, as I have been with almost every other season. I did feel bad for her, if she is not emotionally scarred from all they put her through, then it will be amazing!

I think the dress pick was a little odd, too. Although I think it might have been a little pink, it definitely looked like a wedding dress, which was weird

Jen said...

I kinda fell for Kiptyn this episode too. I have never been a fan, but I was totally bummed out when she let him go!

I really just can't get past those ugly green short shorts with Ed - Jiilian needs to burn them ASAP - or his inability to put outfits together! I guess that's why he needs a wife! I think you are right though...they will probably work it out...if she can look past the green shorts and drama, I'm pretty sure they can make it through anything!

Poor so so sad and uncomfortable...and on the topic of wardrobe...what???

I really need to stop watching this show...see you next season?

Tyler and Megan said...

So I started listening to Wes' song and I was really giving it my full effort...but then we hear "I've got a feeling lovin you don't take that long..." and that was it. But a good laugh none the less. He is a real winner.

As for the show. It was sooo blah blah blah. I thought it sucked. Reid coming back was SO lame. He looked retarded and seemed to love her as much as he did before. Tyler's question was "Did he get paid more or less than $10,000 to come and do this..." I would have to say more.

I am happy Ed won though. While he did go a little goobery on us- I still like him and think he is genuine and when he does his hair very cute. Plus his few clothing problems can easily be taken care of with a good woman in his life. And honestly I don't mind the short shorts. The tank tops...not so much...but the shorts I can do.

Anyways...I just have to say that I also hope they get some fresh meat on this show- otherwise I am out like trout!

Jon and Briana said...

I was a huge fan of Reid but yeah his coming back was not the best. He needed to give her more time last episode might have been good. I tried not to be disappointed because I thought Jillian and Reid are cute together and Ed is a little odd. But I was so excited at how happy Jill was after that I forgot about Reid and moved on. I cannot believe how happy Jill was. I am so hoping they actually get married it really seems like they could have a happy ending considering how serious Ed is, telling her he loves her and all that.
As for never watching the show... that would be a lie I am a true fan watching episode after episode. so until next time (or at least until they unveil the next bachelor)

Anonymous said...

Watching that final episode, I felt embarassed when Jotham would come in the room because it is such drama. And lame. Can't wait for tonight! Hehehe...

Dustin and Whit said...