Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't forget the burger.

such a perfect meal. and far too often overlooked. i married a meat-loving man. {his wheat/egg/nut allergy has a bit to do with his love for meat.}
i was never really a burger person. until b showed me the light.
i really, really love food. all kinds of food. but hamburgers...good ones...are among our favorite things. there is nothing better than a hamburger, fries and a coke.
or maybe a shake.
or both.
we have eaten hamburgers EVERYWHERE and we have fought over this list for ages so we finally just decided to make our own. and here they are...
our top-5-favorite-local-burger-joints {starting with our most favorite}:
my list:
01. eat-a-burger - cheese burger, or the mushroom swiss burger
02. crown burger - crown burger {obviously}
03. training table - blue bacon burger
04. mcdonalds - big mac
05. hires - big h
{with an honorable mention to jcw's.
i get to have an honorable mention because this is my blog.}*

b's list:

01. jcw's - cheese burger {no bun}
02. apollo - cheese burger {no bun}
03. fuddruckers - cheese burger {no bun}
04. training table - cheese burger {no bun}
05. mcdonalds - quarter pounder with cheese {no bun}
b likes cheese burgers with no bun.
b's qualifications for a great burger are different than most peoples. he's not into condiments. for him, it's all about the quality and taste of the meat. b can't eat the bun so his burger has to be sturdy enough to eat without it. he hates when the meat at wendys or crown burger. {except that crown burger is awesome so what does he know.}

our top-5-favorite-local-fries {starting with our most favorite}:

my list:
01. eat-a-burger - spicy fries
02. training table - cheese fries
03. del taco
04. five guys burgers and fries
05. mcdonalds
b's list:
01. jcw's
02. fuddruckers
03. mcdonalds
04. del taco
05. apollo
so there you have it.
and now i need to know what your favorites are.
this is very important. very.


Marcus and Amy said...

Hands down my favorite is In-N-Out and I am thrilled that there will be one here soon even if I have to wait 5 hours in line to get one! No one will ever change my mind on that! There fries are by far my favorite too! I also like McD's double cheese burgers - I know these two are total opposites! BK - jr. whoopers are good too.

I don't really like 5 guys - I think there buns get all wet, greasy and nasty and fall apart and that turns me off - but you are right they do have good fries!

Its funny you did this post - my post last week was a burger craving and yes like you - I want the burger, fries, drink and shake!

Melissa Stringham said...

I can't tell you the last time I've eaten a hamburger. I've eaten fries more recently but even that was a long while ago. If I even smell a fry I gain 5 pounds. That is because if I smell them I eat them and cannot stop, so I must refrain. Good list though, I will pass it on to my hamburger eating friends.

Em said...

Oh man. I was already getting homesick because of the fourth of July weekend, and now you go and make it worse. I LOVE Eat-A-Burger and all the others. You need to come to NY and try the Shake Shack. It's yumm-o!

I'm A. said...

I have only had In-N-Out once or twice in my entire life. We have never had one close enough. So I can't make a real decision on it. BUT...I am so excited to get one here too. Will for sure be checking it out.

Em-I'll be right down to NY and we can have Shake Shack for lunch. :)

Tyler and Megan said...

Well my absolute favorite burger on the planet is of course the grilled pineapple burger with avacado and bacon from KuaAina. Obviously. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. You don't even need fries or a coke because it is so freaking good. But I love burgers too. A lot. I am working on finding the best burger in Portland. I will let you know how it goes. Then you can come and eat it with me. I also love crown and eat-a-burger.

Jen said...

Eat-A-Burger is definitely my tops! Their cheeseburgers are amazing and if you are willing to venture out, their chicken sandwiches are amazing too! I think their fries are superb as well, but they haven't been as good lately as they were back in the high school days. In-N-Out is certainly on my list...that is pretty much what we eat at least once a day every time we go to Cali. I am with you on the Quarter Pounder with cheese at McDonalds too - I secretly like McDonalds for more reasons than their happy meals! I think I need to go get a burger!

Sarah said...

I find your burger list to be more complete than B's. But mostly because his doesn't include Crown Burger (for shame!).

Chris and Annalisa said...

Well, crap. My pregnant self is now on her way to Apollo Burger for lunch after drooling over all of these pictures. :)

Starr said...

Oh my gosh YUM. I love a good hamburger. We just ate at a place called Unita Drive In (aka Dick's) in Kamas that had an awesome burger. They had delicious buns and fries.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. There is nothing better than a hamburger, and all of these look really good.

lisa at said...

I always get so confused by people who love Eat A Burger. I have never ordered something there that I like.