Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where have I been??!

can't believe i didn't see glee when it aired in may.  that is just not okay.  luckily, i only missed the pilot...the rest of the series will start next fall.  b and i just watched the full pilot here.  i loved it like crazy.  CRAZY.  and b liked it too.  {considering that b is generally unimpressed with everyone and everything that's pretty serious you guys.} 
p.s. jane lynch is in glee...which makes it automatically awesome.  take my word for it.
you should watch the WHOLE episode before watching this clip.  and that is not because this clip gives away any secrets or major plot lines but because the pilot as a whole is just so, so great. can just watch this clip now and get hooked.


Katrina said...

I loved it too and I've had Don't Stop Believing in my head every since!

Ali said...

Totally agree,

I loved the pilot. I get chills from that final number. I'm glad you're on board too!

Tyler and Megan said...

I have never even heard of this! Good thing I have you to tell me what is awesome. : )

Erin Taylor said...

I accidentally happened on this the night it aired and completely fell in love! It is so totally my kind of show! Can't wait for fall!