Monday, June 1, 2009


it has been a long time since i saw a movie in the theater and really, really looooved it {except for star trek.} but this weekend...oh. my. gosh.
first of all...b and i went to see this:
and i was already bawling about 15 minutes in. it is heartbreaking and funny and sweet and beautiful. everyone should see it. it will make you happy.
and then we saw this:
and i peed my pants about 20 times. in fact, i literally jumped out of my seat at one point. so scary. also, so hilarious. and best of disgusting. i need to see this a million more times. this is probably going to make it into my top 5 all time favorite scary movies. amazing.
when i am president, seeing this movie will be mandatory.


e said...

I LOVED up. Loved, loved, loved. I HATE scary movies, so I have no opinion about the second movies, except that I'd probably hate it. :)

Tyler and Megan said...

You could not pay me to see drag me to hell. you crazy scary movie person. you are lucky you have turned b into a scary movie watcher. sarsey i no likie scary movie.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

You are brave- I change the channel on the TV when that preview comes on.

I LOVED Up, too- I even left the baby at home with John so I could go see it.

The Socialite said...

These are the EXACT two movies I'm dying to see! :) Hopefully this week, I'll get to seem them! Up, just looks too cute.