Monday, June 15, 2009


honestly, it felt a little bleak after this episode.  ed leaving was so, so sad.  he was my #1.  
there is really not much else to say except, poor jill.
she's got a bartender, a lying country singer and a {cute} break dancing instructor.  
i wasn't really feeling jesse after this episode.  tanner is as weird as ever.  and jake just tries way, way too hard.  he annoys.
i guess kiptyn is ok.  i guess.
{except when i have to watch them kiss.  yucky.}  


Jon and Briana said...

I agree, no more good guys left. Although I am glad Jake is still there, he sure is pretty to look at. And pretty much whenever Wes opens his mouth I want to puke. Michael he makes me chuckle just a little.

Tyler and Megan said...

I like Michael. Not for marriage material but for enjoyment on the show. I also like Kiptyn a lot except for when I have to watch them make out. Lots of tongue. Ew. I felt a little bleak after this episode too. It was a little boring. Jesse was lame and I hate his dumb hats. Wes, Tanner, Robby, Reid...all bad. Jake is meh. He needs to do something awesome before he totally falls off my list. Basically I am bored...which makes me very sad. But it will be quite fun to see who can "perform" in the bedroom. HA! How humiliating on national television. Please for the love do not be Kiptyn. Seesh. This season blows.

I'm A. said...

I think the bedroom issue is with Jake. But I would like it more if it was Wes. I can't believe they are even putting that in the show. Very, very weird.

Also, she likes Wes the most. It's gross. What is up with her?

Meg said...

Yeah for real!? Wes is so nasty! And his voice! ugh. Not even his singing voice- I am talking his normal talking awful. They are all pretty bad. And is pretty weird and classless to put that in the show at all. Yuck. And it would make sense that is Jake actually. ha. Poor guy. And I am made because I seriously had my hopes up that Wes would go home. Lame.