Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovin Youuuu....It Don't Take That Loooong....

if i have to hear wes's retarded country song one more time i will puke. seriously, last night he sang it 3 times? 4 times? i lost count. and he has sang it every episode at least once since this season began. dude, i'm really happy for you that you have a #1 hit in chihuahua, mexico but i think it's time to learn a new song. kthanks.
real, real happy to see these two hit the road:
how did you feel about brad's parting line..."i don't think anyone will ever relate to me." sheesh dude. don't try and make me feel all bad for you. because i don't.
also, can i just say how much i hate the "acting" group date. it almost makes me want to never watch again. it's just painful.
still love ed, jake and kiptyn.
and reid! reid is like deanna's fred. i loved fred.
david still scares me. a lot. what a freak.
and finally, i can. not. wait. to find out who exactly have girlfriends. any predictions? i really hope it's juan. and david. that would make me happy.
what would also make me happy?...finding out that tanner p. has a boyfriend back home.
pretty sure this is the worst group of guys ever.


Em said...

Oh I just love Ed... Actually I like all of your fav's. My prediction is that Wes has the girlfriend at home. Member at the beginning when they show "On this season of the Bachelorette.." they show Jillian all crying and sad after someone leaves and she's like.. "I didn't think I'd get my heart broken this early!" And I think she really likes Wes' lame butt. Plus.. did you hear the MTC has swine flu!

I'm A. said...

I heard about the swine flu! I sort of freaked out. I hope he can leave next week as planned. Yikes!

Ok...so obviously she likes Wes. Which is bizare. That would be great if he was the one with the girlfriend.

Tyler and Megan said...

I totally hope Wes is the one with the girlfriend. He is a total wiener. And I hate his effing song. And his brown suit.

But I also love Ed. And Jake. And maybe Kipton. And I love Kipton and Jake's abbs. But mostly Jake's. And I thought Jake might be the one with the g/f but from the previews of next week I don't think it is. And where was Jake this week? He was not on the show at all- but he still got the first rose which makes me think there is a lot going on in the mansion that is not on TV. Oh sigh. I love this stupid show.

AND! What?? I didn't hear about the swine in the MTC. Whats going on with that?

Sarah said...

I read your blog to find out what you think of shows like this. I agree I hate the acting scene date. Horrid. You are hilarious and I love reading your blog. I agree exactly with your comments. I cannot wait to find out who (or whom) has a girlfriend (s).

Ali said...

Andrew referred to Brad as the 'garden gnome'... I'm glad he is gone. Who is that other Tanner? I swear, I've never seen him before.

I'm on board with your three faves... I think Jake takes the cake. He's kind of odd and I'm sort of digging it.

Wes makes me barf. Tanner Foot lover is creepy but I've got to say that his passion for feet is totally entertaining. Still. He's not for Jillian.

Angry Dave reminds me of a dinosaur. Do you read the recaps blogs on ew.com? Chris Harrison keeps a blog (you probably already know this) and I think it offers good behind the scenes insights on occasion. I look forward to your recap each week too!

EmFabulousFunshine said...

the foot scene in the hot tub just had my stomach turning. and gosh i sure hope its david that has the gf...bc how great would it be to see mr. "always at the top" man brought down by jill's big nose? i love kiptyn as well and will secretly wish its me he's cooking for next weekend. lol. great recap

EmFabulousFunshine said...

ps...i totally like robby

Jen said...

So in agreement...no more acting dates - gag! Seth got home while I was watching and gave me a look that said, "What is this crap you are watching?" so I quickly answered his look by telling him it was the Bachelorette...the look didn't go away and I couldn't really blame him. Wes's song is ultra annoying and I really hope he goes home ASAP! Which one is the pilot guy...I am rooting for him!