Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm wearing one sparkly glove to work tomorrow.

there is nothing that can make me as instantly happy quite like a michael jackson song...any michael jackson song...billie jean, smooth criminal, pyt, scream, thriller, black or white, dangerous, bad, dirty diana, remember the time, man in the mirror...and really this list could go on an on. and on and on and on.
i have loved michael jackson for close to my entire life. michael jackson instilled within me, a little girl from utah, a love for music that to this day inspires me above all else.
my childhood best friend sarah and i would listen to michael jackson over and over again, day after day, through the school year and summer and then on through to the next. when he came in concert to slc i was, of course, not allowed to go. i cried for days.
he will always be my favorite. my children and i will dance to "rock with you" as we clean on saturday mornings just like we did in my house growing up. i will sing at the top of my lungs to "she drives me wild" in the car until i am too old to drive.
i believe that mj's music will transcend the controversy of his life over the past 10 years. there is no one greater. what a loss for us.
when mj did his 30th anniversary concert in new york i recorded it and my sister, my parents and i have probably watched that vhs tape a hundred times. here are my two favorite parts:


Meg said...

These are great clips. Seriously. We need to watch that vhs tape again.

Marcus and Amy said...

It really is sad. He is an icon and who doesn't know a Michael Jackson song? I hope my kids will appreciate his music like I did as well - and we too will rock out. My favorite song - hand down was Beat it!

e said...

Did you notice how much these people can't handle it? They are going to collapse. That's star power.