Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back!

texas was awesome. i took a looot of pictures. more on that later. but first things first. we got in town last night and went straight to cafe rio. and then straight from cafe rio to tivo to watch the bachelorette and so you think you can dance. priorities people. priorities.
is anyone confused about where super fun and independent jill went? because i am. this new jill does a lot of squeeling. it's annoying. but she did look hot at the rose ceremony. i'll give her that.
we get it jake. you're perfect. we get it. {b and i think jake is like deanna's jeremy. yes, he's nice and husband-y and blah blah blah...and also, he's going to get himself eliminated in the not to distant future. mark my words.} he is so "perfect" in fact, that he is a huge db. so cocky. never shuts his mouth. dude...just shut up and look hot. you will be better off. and he is borderline stalker-ish...always telling everyone what jill "wants" and "needs" and "what type of guy she is looking for." and my favorite line of the night, "my whole life i've always been too perfect!" nice jake. nice.
b's favorite line of the night came from tanner p. during his little secret chat with jill. it went something like this..."there is a guy here that has a girlfriend back home. and i know you may not know that. but that SUCKS FOR YOU!" we rewound that about 5 times. fun.
also, i know david is gone so it's a moot point but WHAT. A. FREAK.
i'm not so sure about michael the break dancer, but i think i like him. {except for the fact that his job is being a break dancer...wha?} this picture of him is stupid.
i'm also not so sure about mark the pizza guy. but i think i like him too. i like the quiet type.
kiptyn, ed, reid and jesse all seem like perfectly acceptable options at this point.
in other news. did anyone watch the first episode of the top 20 on so you think you can dance? i love that show so much. i was already bawling like 15 minutes in.

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Meg said...

Freak! SYTYCD was AMAZING. Seriously this is the best top 20 I think I have ever seen. Its going to be a beautiful season.

And I agree with the bachelorette- Jake is really dropping on my list. And Ed is just getting higher and higher. And Jill needs to get a grip. But I still love every second of it. And Wes still makes me lose the will to live just by speaking.