Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday. Boo.

the weekend was really great though. i went to lots of birthday parties for me at kyoto {my family}, tucanos {b's family} and z'tejas {my friends}. we watched scary movies and talked to our little missionary on the phone. but i would have to say the crowning moment of the weekend was pedicures with my mother and grandma. here is how it went down:
2:00-soak feet

2:03-lady starts cutting my grandmothers toenails

2:03 and 30 seconds-my grandmas starts screaming at the lady not to touch her feet

lovely asian pedicure lady to my mother and grandmother: you want sando?
my mom: what?
lovey asian pedicure lady: sando?
my grandma: WHAT?!
lovely asian pedicure lady: SANDO?! SANDO?!
my mom: {turning to me with panick stricken look on her face} andrea! what is she saying?
me: {burying me head in my magazine and pretending not to know them}
lovely asian pedicure lady: SANDO!?
my mom: what?
lovely asian pedicure lady: {pulling out disposable sandal} SANDO?!
mom & grandma: oh!!! sandal! yes...we would love sandal's!
lovely asian pedicure lady: YES! SANDO! that's what i said!
me: ... {dying. of. embarrassment.}

2:05-pedicure over.
good times.
also...i am going to portland in two weeks to visit these two. yay!

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Meg said...

Yay! Come to my house! And I am pretty much distraught that I missed out on that pedicure. : ) ha.

Remember when we bought that little spa thing randomly at BBB so we could give ourselves pedicures? That was funny.