Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like a Train Wreck.

i'm so tired of this show. but i can't stop watching. attention must be paid i suppose.
i thought the opening 25 minutes were overly cheesy and b nailed it on the head when he said that jillian seemed really uncomfortable with the whole...'wash this purple car sensually in your cut off shorts while looking dreamily into the sky, presumably picturing your future husband.' ok...'now twirl around on the beach like a 5-year-old.' ok...now...blah blah blah. you get the idea.
poor b. he didn't even want to watch this season. im making him. he was a little bitter last night...ripping on everyone. which makes it more fun for me. yay!
top 5 favs {in order of favoritness} from the first viewing:
jake.mathue. {nice spelling. oy vey.}

worst of the bunch...the tanners {and she kept them both. shocker.}:

and saddest to see go home:
john p. so hot. wtf jillian?

well. here we go again.


Meg said...

Here we go indeed! And next week will be a sarser party! WOOHOO! I liked Ed a lot too. Good call on the top 5.

Annika said...

OH my gosh...you crack me up! I completely agree with this post. You are so great at expressing the truth! haha The only ones I didn't know about was Jesse and Ed. I will have to watch better last week. And those Tanner guys creeped me out! haha Can't wait to see a post about next week. Hope you are doing good!

Marcus and Amy said...

What a good husband to watch it with you! I have a hard enough time getting Marc to watch The Hills with me! And when he does, he too just makes fun of it.

Jon and Briana said...

I am so glad you post about this. Jon it the same as B always saying I hate this show I am not watching it. Yet he somehow is always sitting next to me on the couch! anyway I really liked Jake! I though he was way cute. And Ed he did some cute things too. But I feel bad for Jesse just because of the name. that brings back bad memories from a few seasons ago. But I will try not to hold that against him.

EmFabulousFunshine said...

ummm...the BIGGER disappointment was the one she gave the first impression rose to. and mathue and kiptyn...wow! I think Jillian is scared by the whole process and judging by season previews will cry more than deanna did...

Anonymous said...

I think every episode is ridiculous, but I get lured in every time. I am surprised B watches it with you. I don't let Jotham watch it with me because he spoils the fun. He talks about how dumb it is the whole time and makes fun of all the people. I know he's right, so I make it an alone time show. I don't like the Bachelorette as much as the Bachelor. There is drama in an annoying way because most the guys are total players. Yet all the same I can't wait until Monday! :)