Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures from Britney! for posterity's sake.

i didn't actually take any pictures of Britney! because i was too busy dancing and screaming.  
let me just tell you...
best. concert. ever.
stephen. adam. some dude. some chick. some dude.
this is my best friend emily.
this is gabby and spence.  spence lives in a haunted house.  more on that later.
this is stephen and adam. love.
this is gabby and me.  we are waiting in anticipation for Britney!
stephen. adam. adam's drink. spence. spence's drink. and some other guy.
we are so excited for Britney! that the camera went out of focus.
and this is one of those pictures that i'm sure stephen is going to regret the morning after.
obsesrvations: Britney! seemed very pissed off.  the whole concert was super angry and sketchy.  and she barely spoke to the crowd.  and she was half naked the entire night.  guys dressed up in chains carted her all over the stage in various cages for two hours.  and 99% of the show was super inappropriate.  we LOOOOOVED it.  every second.
and p.s. i almost died when the pussycat dolls came out.  they were THAT awesome.  


mr. no regrets said...

no regrets! we look like the brady bunch minus 3...and with different colored hair...and we don't look alike....but yea we are totally the brady bunch

S. Wintergreen said...

emily looks like she could be a PCD!

Stephen said...

the only thing i would have done differently that night was had adam take his own flask!

No.1PCDfan said...

u can't see it to well but i did pee myself when the PCDs came out! thank God for dark denim

I'm A said...

whatever. i have never seen anyone take so many bathroom breaks in all my life. it was amazing.

No.1PCDfan said...

bathroom or beer break...all the same to me. and it was totally amazing! just a little sad jason did not sit with us. maybe next time and will invite his friend to join us in our AMAZING seats. we had the best view of the entire circus. screw front row

Chelsea said...

OMG! This description is great- Haha! Even better than the one last night :)

brycrasch said...

HA! Amazing observations. You are hilarious.