Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Onward Ever Onward

{joey, robbie, carl, my brother trent, matt, john and mikey}
today we take my brother to the mtc. and that means that today is the last time i will see his face or hear his voice for two years. pain!
he will be serving a mission in paraguay for our church.
in other news...i am SO excited for him. what an adventure!
i'm just sad for me is all. real sad.
this is probably the first significant sacrifice i have ever made for my church - or for anything for that matter. i have never really thought about the sacrifice involved in sending off your 19-year-old brother or son. but wow...it is scary and sad and HARD.
and also exciting!
so with that i will say....go trent go! we will be praying for you and cheering you on every step of the way. and i love you infinitely.


Meg said...

Okay so all of that positive talk I have been giving over the past few months? I am not feeling it so much today. I wish I was home. I wish I could be there. And today feels pretty hard.

Tyler and Megan said...

But exciting! : )

Em said...

Thinking of you. and trent. and meg. especially danny. actually, especially your mom. and your dad.

Melanie said...

I so know what you are feeling today. And you will probably feel that way every day he's gone. At least that's how I've felt. By little bro's on the home stretch..he comes home in October and it has been the longest 18 months of my life! But it will all be worth it when you get letters from him and are able to see the change that has taken place in him. And don't forget, you will get to hear his voice on Mother's Day and Christmas!