Monday, April 27, 2009

Crappy Economy+Cheap Airfare=Me Taking A Lot of Trips

i think everything in the entire world is on sale right now with this crappy economy.
and that is why i just bought airfare to europe.
for $680.
round trip.
i know.
into paris and out of rome with switzerland, germany, prague and budapest in between.
in a few months i will be here:
{where hopefully i can offer up someone to be
dipped and kissed on st. charles bridge just like marci}
and here:and here:and also here:squee!

if anyone has any good info {hotels/hostels/food/sights/museums/etc} about paris, interlaken, munich, berlin, prague, budapest, the cinque terre, siena or rome then pretty please let me know!


Meg said...

yay yay yay! cant wait!

Marci said...

I am literally feeling pains of jealousy right now. I will gather all the research I did last year when I went Prague, Budapest, and Rome and send you an email. Gah I want to go so bad.

Andrea said...

Marci! I would love that! Thank you! P.S. You are invited to come. For serious.

Marcus and Amy said...

How exciting is that!?

I have only ever been to Rome. Just did all the touristy things. My favorite - the Trevi (sp?) fountain. BEAUTIFUL!

Have fun!

I'm A said...

I love Rome! Emily Fagergren and I went a few years back. So amazing. Do you remember where you stayed and if you liked it?

Tiffany said...

I was going to post a comment, but I can't. I have been overcome with jealousy.

Won't you take me with you?

Sarah said...

Aww. I'll do the same as Marci and think of ideas from our trip last year. But just for starters: watch the sunrise from the St. Paul bridge in Prague. And then, make sure you get your friend dipped for her first kiss on that same bridge. Awesome.

I'm A said...

Thanks world traveling friends. Also, I am updating my blog with that Marci story right now...

Marci said...

I don't know why I blush every time someone tells that story. If I was not emptying my savings account on summer tuition I would go just to be you friend to be offered up again. That sounded dirty and now I am blushing more.

linsey rose said...

oh, hotel amelie in paris is my favorite. best best best best place in the whole world. have fun.