Monday, April 20, 2009

Back East Trip...Only a Year Late.

i've only been wanting to get these pictures up for about 12 months. boo me.
we absolutely fell in love with washington, d.c.
now i just have to get back there in the spring when the trees are blossoming.
anyways, what follows is a looot of pictures from our back east trip. and i totally narrowed these down because i took over a thousand pictures. soooo... if pictures of other peoples trips make you feel bored then allow me to direct you here or here.
you will not regret clicking those links.
washington, d.c.


A "cheery" disposition said...

Those are some really good pics. I love the baby ducks.

Sarah said...

Dear Andrea,
I love your photos. I do not, however, love that you have missed two Maudlin Pix: Even When I'm Sad, I'm Pretty Thursdays.
Just saying. The world is watching.