Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Pretty Even When I'm Sad: Maudlin Pics Thursday!

this weeks edition of 'pretty when i'm sad' is kind of a big deal. i incorporated a hat. a really adorable hat. i think it really ads to the prettiness. and the sadness.
i saved the best for last of course. this turned out better than i had ever dreamed. i'm thinking about possibly selling prints of this one. if you are interested...and i think you are...let me know. i'm sure we can work out some kind of a deal.


Meg said...

Boobcat, Narnia and Gold plate in background? Stop. I cannot handle it. Seriously.

Sarah said...

I'm nominating you for a bloggie after this, the greatest post ever written. And that is a cute hat.

There is no pretty sadness like pretty boobcat sadness.

Em said...

I'll give you $2,000 for that pic. NO more than that though.

bets said...

ooh, the hat is fab. where'd you get it? is that the robert sabuda pop-up book of narnia? i so have that-purchased for 4 bucks at my local borders. is your hair shorter? i love it.

e said...

I keep meaning to get to your blog ON THURSDAY, but apparently that's too complicated for me. Don't hold it against me.

Also, don't blame me when your hat goes missing. I had nothing to do with it. What's that on my head? Oh... Umm... A friend gave it to me. WHAT?