Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i thought that jason bringing melissa on national television to dump her, with molly backstage, took him to a whole level of jerkiness that i never could have imagined he was capable of.
i have no respect for that guy. what an unclassy, unkind and uncaring thing to do to the person he was ENGAGED too. idiot.
BUT...with that said...NO DUH JASON. idiot again.
this whole season i was thinking it was a shoe-in for melissa. but in the final episode i really thought he was going to pick molly. CLEARLY molly was the lesser of two evils. and then he boots molly? honestly, this show is pure silliness.
also, seeing deanna made me HAPPY. i LOVE that girl. she is straight-up and to the point.
and lastly, that 'after the rose' show just left me feeling all icky. poor, poor melissa. way to take a girls dignity jason. real big jerk.
i like molly because she is cool and because she likes mcdonalds. but i think she should run from jason and find herself a nice guy. and do her hair.
that is all.


Megan said...

I am not ready to comment yet. I just...don't want to loose control right now.

I'm A said...

I understand.

Ape said...

I was so disappointed in Jason...I lost all respect for him last night. Also, if he really didn't want to be with Melissa he could have come up with some reasons. Come on it would have made for even better TV!!!! Isnt' that why he was in the "studio". Wowza!

naezandkidz said...

amen to megan...

NomNomNomYum! said...

Jason is a shiz head.

Waltman said...

totally agree on the fizzy hair and you have got to be happy about Jillian being the new bachelorette!

Marcus and Amy said...

I am not a big fan of The Bachelor, in fact I have not watched a single episode since the "Trista & Ryan season" BUT! I did happen to tune in on Monday night since there was nothing else on and it was the "final rose"... Seeing as I had not tuned in all season, I could sense that Molly would have been the better choice for him, but the idiot that he obviously is he choose "Mel".

Then he had the nerve to totally blindside and dump Melissa on national television and then on top of it tell her he was still in love with Molly! Melissa said it best right to his face..."bastard" (I am just quoting but quite frankly was thinking the same thing).

Then Molly, come on! Lets play a little hard to get - don't flat out admit you are still in love with the man that flat out told you someone besides yourself made him happy and who just minutes ago was engaged to another girl! How could you trust a slime ball like that? What will you build your relationship on?

And if Jason started crying one more time...I was going to throw something at the TV. For petes sake...take it like a man!

So I probably won't watch the next season either, but I can't judge anyone either seeing as I was glued to the TV watching the season ending and I am a regular Survivor fan!

Long comment, sorry!

Recipe Master said...

Amen to Amy! I will seriously hunt Jason down if he cries EVER again on TV.