Friday, March 27, 2009

Gravity is working against me.

i used to think i was not a beach vacation kind of a girl. more of a see the sights, shop the shops, ride the rides kind of a tourist. well, turns out, i'm not.
don't get me wrong. disneyland is great and europe is swell. in fact, i'm going there in september with my favorite siser. but i never had a strong desire to go somewhere tropical and sit on the beach and do nothing for a week. but then i went to hawaii and sat on a beach and did nothing for a week. swoon. best vacation. ever. and now i'm obsessed with going to beaches and sitting on them and doing nothing for long periods of sucks. i would give anything {almost} to wake up late, sit on the beach all day, go to dinner somewhere awesome and then sleep. stupid job. stupid snow. stupid monday that is already 3 days away. boo.
* know that vacation package you have?
the one to jamaica?
yeah, you can book that trip now.


Meg said...

I would also give almost anything to go to that beach with you. This is that final stretch of winter that really gets me. Maybe we can do some laying on the beach doing nothing in Greece. We can eat and do nothing. That sounds pretty good to me.

Em said...

Can I come along on your cruise? It would be way better with us... :)

Jon and Briana said...

I love beach vacations. Well maybe that is because those are the only vacations I have been on. I have never been to Europe or New York (except when we went into the city in the middle of the night to see times square it was 3 am I dont remember a lot) But from my experience sitting on the beach doing nothing is great. Plus the warm weather is always a great feeling. Have fun delighting in your Beach vacation!