Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i was tagged by em fabulous funshine. tags are good for staying occupied on sunny st. patricks day tuesdays when you are stuck at work. {happy st. patricks day!}
01. i absolutely loathe elizabeth hasselbeck. i mean really, really loooooathe. it's not nice to loathe people.

02. i regularly contemplate the invention of the stayfree thong maxipad. who are these people that are SO dying to wear thongs during those 3-7 days of the month that they absolutely must have a maxipad that will enable them to do so?! 03. i have been known to yell at people who are being annoying in movie theaters. it is not nice to yell at people in movie theaters...unless they are obnoxious teenagers and then it is perfectly acceptable.
04. i shower as little as possible. not as gross as it sounds...or maybe it is.
05. i love watching really gory horror movies. even worse, i also love crappy end-of-the-world movies like the day after tomorrow and deep impact. the most anticipated movies of this year, for me, are 2012 and the road. can. not. wait.

06. i would, without hesitation, pay $1000 to see michael jackson in concert. i have this terrible fear that i will go my whole life without seeing billy jean performed live. this keeps me up at night. if i ever get to a michael jackson concert...i will be the one screaming and bawling and fainting. {just watching the below video makes me feel weak.}
07. i could eat at chuck-a-rama every, single weekend.

08. knowing that i have to go to the gym after work puts me in a really bad mood for a really long time. i really hate it. sometimes i wish i would accidentaly trip and fly off the back of my treadmill causing me to break my arm and/or leg and therefore forcing me to stay home from the gym on the couch for 6 weeks.
09. i hate it when i hear other peoples babies/kids making lots of loud noise in public. {exceptions can be made for noah...more on that later.} i know this makes me a horrible person. i fully expect this to go away and i am sure i will be regretting ever typing this when i have loud kids of my own. but for now...i don't want to hear your kid screaming at the top of it's lungs while i'm trying to enjoy my movie/dinner/shopping/life.
10. i'm completely out of touch with what is going on in the world. besides listening to this american life on npr i never watch the news, listen to the radio or go to news related websites. every once in a while b will try to have a conversation with me about some huge news story and i have no idea what he is talking about. shameful.
now i tag these 10+4:
-em {because she is keeping it real!}
-meg {because she is my little sister and has to do what i say}
-ali {because everything she writes is interesting}
-tiff {because she is classy}
-katrina {because she has beautiful hair}
-angie {because she is hilarious}
-liz {because she is living the work-free life}
-renae {because she is my little cousin and has to do what i say}
-amy {because she is a dedicated blogger}
-manda {because she is good at tags}
-whit {because she is preggo}
-e {because she is super professional}
-two loose teeth {because their lists are always the best}
-you {!}


Tyler and Megan said...

Should a video be able to make me feel this way? I don't know. But I love him. A lot.

Tiffany said...

I loved this list! And yes, I'll play, even though you clearly have me confused with someone else named Tiffany who is classy.

Marcus and Amy said...

I wish I had the guts to yell at people in a movie theater that are being annoying and/or kick my seat.

People who have kids that scream and cry in public around me...I have been known to say as loud as I can so the parents can hear, "OH! Time to go home!" (Feel free to use this...its awesome!) And yes I too realize this will come back to haunt me when I have my own kids, but for the record I will have no problem leaving a full cart of groceries in the middle of a store if my child is making a scene. Something mothers should take note of doing this. I am just saying.

I am a dedicated blogger and if for no other reason then it keeps me busy at work! So I will accept the tag!

Sarah said...

I heard that Michael Jackson is going on tour soon. Your chance may have come.

EmFabulousFunshine said...

thx for mentioning me:)

Melissa Stringham said...

About #9...ha ha, I hope you are never around my kid in public because you will probably hate her instantly. She's pretty loud. But I laugh because I used to feel the same way as you, ESPECIALLY when I was pregnant I could not stand kids being loud. I was really worried I would dislike my own child. But now I have a whole new view on kids, I absolutely love them, even when they are loud.

bets said...

remember the days when michael was black? but honestly, who else can pull off a sparkly glove AND sparkly socks? i don't think i knew he did that until watching this video. the man is a genius. and i so agree about the screaming kids thing-the sad thing is, i'm about to have a kid. guess i'll get used to the noise level...and the shower thing isn't gross-i only shower once every other day. it's bad for your hair to do it more than that! and sometimes on the weekend, the "shower break" goes even longer.