Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where the crap is Deanna??!

a girl at my work just called the bachelor 'the slut and whore show'. first of all, that's just redundant. second of all, it's not. she got herself punched. {not really.}
classy stephanie. she is so dear. i cried tears when she left.
i vote stephanie as the next bachelorette. i have come to the conclusion that jillian is the only acceptable option.
she is just so normal.
and also stunning.
double no.
HELL no.


Megan said...


Ali said...

Yay. You did not disappoint. Thanks for posting.

Jillian became the front runner this week. I totally think Stephanie should be the next lady bachelorette.

You make me laugh... "that's just redundant" - That's why we call this our guilty pleasure.

I wanted to gag a little that the show kept crediting Melissa for being such a good sport about the "change of plans" - she seemed upset about it to me. As a Mother I have to say that I kissed date night goodbye years ago. I'm all for bringing back date night, but I have to say that Melissa can hang up those pretty dresses if Jason picks her because Ty will win out most of the time and that's how it should be!!

I'm intrigued about why Melissa's parentals refuse to meet Jason. That should make for some nice drama.

I'm with you... WHEN does Deanna show up?

Jon and Briana said...

Yeah for sure Jillian and Molly. Jillian has kind of been a behind the scenes girl for awhile but I am really liking her now! But I also like Molly a lot! So we will see but yeah where in the world is Deanna?!? Ah I hate that I am addicted to this show but I love that you are posting about it!

Em said...

I totally agree. I don't really like Melissa anymore and Jillian is by far the best choice!

The Weeds said...

I totally vote for Stephanie to be the next Bachelorette

Waltman said...

I'm so in love with this show and I'm glad that someone as cultured as you can appreciate it too!