Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seven Seven's

i was tagged by em and manda.
go read their lists...they are really good.

7 things i want to do before I die:
01. write a book
02. buy a little house and make it perfect
03. see india
04. go to a michael jackson concert
05. travel to europe with my entire family
06. own a cabin
07. become a better cook

7 things i cannot do:
01. math
02. enjoy going to the gym
03. speak another language {i wish!}
04. go to bed early
05. elizabeth hasselbeck {idiot!}
06. stay mad
07. order promptly in restaurants

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:
01. his goodness
02. how he, from day one, has treated me better than anyone i have ever known
03. his sparkly eyes and dimples
04. his kindness
05. the way he treats his family
06. how he always thinks of others and would drop anything to help someone
07. his laugh

7 things I look forward to every day:
01. lunch!
02. talking to em and my sister
03. reading blogs
04. the slight possibility that we won't go the gym
05. hanging out with b all night
06. watching the x files in bed
07. sleep

7 books i could read over and over:
01. world war z
02. robinson crusoe
03. the twilight series {shame}
04. the secret life of bees
05. my sisters keeper
06. little women
07. a girl named zippy

7 movies i could watch over and over:
01. match point
02. amelie
03. lost in translation
04. the sound of music
05. 28 days later
06. seasons 1-3 of arrested development
07. little women {again}

7 sites i visit everyday:
01. nienie / cjane
02. kottke
03. fourfour
04. jezebel
05. dooce
06. rockstar diarires
07. i suwannee

now i am tagging all of my friends on my blogroll.
leave me a comment if you choose to participate so i can go check it out!


Tiffany said...

I can't handle Elizabeth Hasselbeck either.

Megan said...

I love these lists. A lot.

Anonymous said...

I bet that you could learn a language if you suddenly moved to a foreign country. where no one spoke english.