Friday, February 6, 2009

A few favorites from the first week of February: {alliteration!}

one. kanye west and his entourage
two. fourfour's rundown of the americas next top model cycle eleventy million contestants
three. taza's very beautiful headbands that i love but am no where near cool enough to pull off
four. emily is back and blogging again
five. tiffany's post to help cure the blues {red strappy shoes? yes please.}
six. an interview on the today show with the women who gave birth to octuplets
seven. sarah and lisa's lists of 25 random things. some extremely awesome highlights include:

"- The best (and arguably only) reason to own a gun is to be prepared for the impending zombie outbreak. Better make it a shotgun.

- I can't remember a time, no matter the number on the scale, when I didn't want to lose ten pounds. It's nice to have a constant in life.

- It's fine if you hate Obama. Seriously. Just don't tell me it's because he’s a Muslim who wasn’t even born in the U.S.

- Just because something is in print (on paper or online) doesn't make it true. Check. Your Effing. SOURCE.

- As my mom styled my hair when I was a little girl, I would yell newspaper headlines along the lines of 'Young Girl Tortured by Cruel Mother for Sake of Ponytail.'

- Whenever I sit in the passenger seat of a car, I have to concentrate on not succumbing to the urge to pull up on the emergency break


Chelsea said...

I am now in love with fourfour!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for a shout-out. I love the excerpts from the 25 Random Things list! I also love the word excerpt.

sarah at said...

Thanks for the mention, my friend! I like you.