Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm going to get my electric toothbrush and give my puppy french kisses!!!

this blog is sort of becoming all bachelor all the time. but whatev. i don't care. {i basically only post this stuff for ali, megan and emily anyways. they are my partners in bachelor obsession.}
my favorites in order:

she is just so southern and sweet.
i sort of wish she was my wife.
she is way to good for this show.
and she dresses like a supermodel.
i sort of think she could find someone better than jason.
i can't believe i just wrote that.
she loves fast food which makes her instantly cool.
uh. yeah.
not cute.
and her voice gives me seizures.
and i just wanted to post a picture of the craziest person who has ever been on this show.
THAT is a MAJOR accomplishment.
well played shannon.
well played.
but seriously, jason should probably change his phone number and move himself and his family to an undisclosed location when the show is over.

her parting statement upon leaving the show:

"i'm going to get my electric toothbrush and give my puppy french kisses."

there are no words.

p.s. here a link to chris harrisons blog which recaps the episode from this week {funny} and here is a link to the entertainment weekly blog with the bachelor recap from last week {funnier}.


I'm A said...

I love that he kicked of all the crazies in one big swoop. That was awesome. But Shannon was disappointingly calm about it. Also…I knew he would kick Nikki off on the two on one date with her and Stephanie because Stephanie is AWESOME and I love her and Nikki is CRAZY. But…I really felt bad for Nikki when she was going home. And she handled it with a lot of class.

Tyler and Megan said...

I totally agree about the kicking off all the crazies. I loved that. I was cheering. And so was Tyler. Now it is going to get really good. And Deanna has to come back soon. Which will be AMAZING. I also agree about the two on one date. Although I did get a little nervous because Nikki was acting pretty normal on that date. So I was glad he didnt get sucked in. Nikki did handle it with a lot of class. I also love Stephanie. I think she is a little intense, so in the end I dont think he will pick her. But she is for sure the most genuine and nice person there. She is great. She also handled Nikki getting kicked off with class. She didnt act all stupid and excited when he gave her the rose. She totally maintained her cool so Nikki didn't feel worse. So that was nice.
My other favorite thing was all of the kissing he denied on the episode. Like Shannon tried to kiss him and he pulled out. And when Megan tried to kiss him on the General Hospital kiss he looked like he wanted to DIE. ha. It was awesome. There were a few others too that i really enjoyed.
I also wanted to say that I thought Molly was pretty cute at their date in the sense that I think she was honest with him about marriage and kids. I HATE how all the girls are like "I AM DYING to have kids! And be a mom and get married!! ITS ALL I WANT!" That is such BS. I liked that she said she wanted to see if the relationship worked first, and she knew that if she loved Jason she would love Ty too and that she knew she wanted to be a mom someday- but before she freaked about that she would find the guy first. So I liked that. I thought it was honest.
I was also sad that all the girls who got kicked off at the end didnt freak more. I totally expected Lauren to freak out and be so pissed and Shannon to bawl like a crazy person. Neither happened and I was sad.

So my favorites in order:
1. Stephanie. The cutest and niecst and most real. But like I said- he wont pick her.
2. Jillian. She is awesome and smart and not getting in on ANY of the crap in the house. You never hear her speak when Jason is not around. I like that. But I wonder if she is too independent and smart for him.
3/4. Molly and Melissa are interchangable for me. They are pretty much the same kind of girl. They are both cute and young and probably not really ready to get married or any of that- but he will probably pick one of them.
5. Naomi. She needs to go. She is annoying and I hate her white lipgloss she wears that makes her face look lipless.

Do you think he might pick Deanna?

I'm A said...

Yeah, Melissa and Molly are the same girl. If he wants a good mother for Ty and a great wife he will pick Stephanie. If he wants someone awesome and hot and successful and independent who might not want kids for a long time and might not be the greatest for Ty then he should pick Jillian. If he wants to end up not getting married at all then he should pick Molly or Melissa or Naomi because they are way to young to get married to a guy with a kid. I think he might pick Deanna. That would be hilarious. If he does pick her I guarantee it won’t last. Duh.

I love the kissing thing too. Its so obvious who he likes and who he doesn’t and even still Megan is just SO SHOCKED that she didn’t get a rose. That kissing scene where she sucks his face off is HORRIFYING. What a moron. We were laughing so hard.

Tyler and Megan said...

haha I was seriously embarrased for some of those girls last night. I was dying. The whole singing part- and then the acting part. Ohhh man. That was awful. haha And the Megan sucking his face off. ohh ahahah I think I almost peed my pants. And I loved how Shannon kissed him for the first time on the set thing. And she was all "It was awesome. We totally weren't acting" then two minutes later after everyone else was kissing she says "Well at least they are just stage kisses. Obviously that doesnt mean anything." ha. Funny.

And I think you are right about your thoughts on all of those girls. Who do you think he will pick in the end? I will be so annoyed if he picks Deanna. But i will laugh too. Do you see him picking Stephanie when he has those younger hotter girls to pick? Can guys be real enough to pick the best person? I dont know. I guess we will see.

I'm A said...

The singing!! SO SO bad. Honestly, is that the best they could do?!

I think he will pick Molly. Or possibly Jillian. But mostly, I think he will pick Molly. I have this day dream that he will pick Deanna but I don't think it will actually happen. Who do you think he will pick?

For some reason I'm not as huge of a fan of him as I was during The Bachelorette. I think Jesse needs to be the next Bachelor. And Shannon needs to be the next Bachelorette. That is a very good idea.

Tyler and Megan said...

Agreed! I don't love Jason nearly as much as I thought either. He probably will pick Molly. Lame and predictable. And that will= no marriage. But whatev.

Oh Shannon as the bachelorette! YES! PLEASE! hahaha

Ali said...

Thanks to this show, each Monday I wake up happy that the weekend is over.

Thank you Jason for sending the blond home after the Vegas date. That move made me think that he's trying to choose wisely.

I agree that Stephanie relates well with Jason, that she is best suited for the step-mom role and is probably more ready than the other finalists to have more children sooner than later... BUT... I haven't seen that spark from Jason that he's totally into her romantically.

Stephanie is also a class act. She is so supportive when she's talking the other girls, despite being their competition.

Poor Nikki. I actually really liked the girl. She totally knows herself. She gets that her perfectionism, uptight, control freakish nature might be somewhat of a turn-off. I sincerely hope she gets her happily ever after. Her exit interview about wanting to be a "we" rather than just Nikki was sad.

Jillian is cool. I like her, but felt like she was totally missing from last nights episode.

Shannon = quality television. I'm sad she's off the show. But I bet her puppy is happy to have her back home.

Megan...wow. I thought she was going to swallow him whole. She belongs on a soap opera. Forget the lacrosse coach thing and join a soap Megan. That's what I say.

Molly = I like her but the "Ty factor" makes it hard to route for someone that young (24). Oh wait. That's weird. I'm 24 and have two kids. STILL, though Molly. Are you ready for that?

He's totally going to end up with Melissa. The way he looks at her now... it's evident.


I like Deanna, but I think she is trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame.

Oh and Naomi... up until last night's episode, she wasn't that memorable. I'm not a huge Naomi supporter.

I'm glad Lauren's gone. Her aggressive "tactic" made me (and Jason) uncomfortable.

I'm A said...

Ali-I like your observations.

I totally agree about the blonde girl. I hope she was mortified when she watched that. (Fat chance) What a yucky person.

I also agree with you about Stephanie and Jason possibly not having a romantic connection. She is just such a kind person and a classy person. I think she would be a great choice. But, I know he won't pick her.

I liked what you said about Nikki. She DOES know herself. I also have a lot of compassion for her because you can just tell that she is still completley heart broken about her 11-year-relationship not working out. And I also can feel that she just so genuinely wants to have a family. Makes me sad. I think that one on one Nikki is a great girl. I think Jason would have connected with her a lot more if he would have given her the chance. She just didn't do well in a house full of girls in competition for the same guy. And who can blame her? I wouldn't thrive in that house either.

Your puppy comment about Shannon-PRICELESS. In fact, I'm now renaming this blog post because of it.

Megan made me sick. All her talk about how she is just having a horrible week because no one has said "thank you" to her yet for changing their life. She is just so used to being a role model and helping everyone that being on the show is just so hard for her. BARF.

I see the connection with Molly that you see with Melissa. Maybe you are right. Do you think Melissa would be a good choice for him?

My guess is that Deanna will be back in 2 weeks. And I can't wait! She is TOTALLY trying to stretch her 15 mintues of fame. I hope Jason doesn't fall for it but in a way I want to see them end up together. I am a huge Deanna fan.

Tyler and Megan said...

Agreed to all of the above! I think he likes Melissa the most too. And I actually like Melissa alot. I think he likes that she is fun and cute and all of that- but she kind of needs to be taken care of. He ate it up when she was crying. I think he likes that she "needs" him. Jillian for instance doesnt seem to need him at all. If that makes sense.
I am also a Deanna fan- but I think she is crazy...so I am torn on how I want that to turn out. Only I know it wont work out because Deanna just likes to be on TV a lot more than she likes Jason or anyone else.

Also did anyone notice how they showed the dress of the girl he proposes to on the last episode? So now I will know who he picks the second I see the dress. Boo to that.

I'm A said...

Actually, I just watched a "spoiler" video that some guy in Canada made. He thinks that he can tell who Jason is proposing to in that clip by a specific feature that she has. I tend to agree with his conclusion even though I know of another girl who has the same "feature" or whatever. Interesting. But don't worry...I won't ruin the super surprise.

Ali said...


I'm all about the spoilers.

by the way, my daughter just dipped her chicken nuggets into her strawberry yogurt. I just had to share that with someone. So gross.


I haven't decided who I think is better for Jason out of Melissa and Molly... I keep thinking about who is best for Ty. Clearly, that would be Stephanie at this point and I give credit to Jason for keeping her this long into the show because I think perhaps that he thinks the same thing and for Ty's sake he continues try to find whatever "It" is with Stephanie.

But... at the end of the day, I don't see it happening between the two of them.

Oh my. Megan's self righteous, "I inspire people" speech. I had forgotten about that. That's right, Dear Megan... you inspired the most votes by the other "ladies" to be booted out of the house.

Tyler and Megan said...

All this negative talk about Megan keeps making me think we are talking crap about me. I might have to start a fight on here-like the Prop 8 thing all over again! haha But for real. Megan is the craziest biotch ever. I have to say my two favorite Megan moments are 1)When she wanted to paint a fetus on her boob cast because "they eat from breats" HA! and 2)When she sucker faced Jason on the GH set. I have never laughed so hard from a TV show.

naezandkidz said...

oh my gosh meg and andrea you guys are hilarious...I so am in love with the show as well...I was so happy to see the three girls go home...I hope melissa wins but not sure I really like stephanie but as you said no romance in them...So hopefully it works out that everyone is happy who he picks...I honestly think Naomi will go home next week...