Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up

i hope you all had a great christmas.  i got all busy and never had time to post a fuzzy picture of my christmas tree.  here it is:
{and by my christmas tree i mean my parents christmas tree because i never even had time to put up my own!  boo!}
here is another one:
my most favorite gift was all 9 seasons of the x files which we now watch every, single night.  there are 57 dvds in the set which means, if we are lucky, that we will be watching the x files until june.  
and also we got a video camera which we love so, so much.  probably more than anything.  see:
 meg and ty came into town after many problems with canceled flights and portland snow storms.  we had much fun times.  and then they went home and i went back to work and life went back to normal and right now i have to go watch the biggest loser season premiere! i love watching people cry as they trudge along on the treadmill.  it reminds me of me.  everyday.  at the gym.  
hate her.

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Nik and Chelsea said...

Yea! Thanks for updating! I love reading your blog. I am glad you have a good Christmas, but I am mad you and Meg didn't call me! We need to get together soon.