Monday, December 1, 2008

This is how we spent our Thanksgiving.

details: b ate some flour {accidentally} and then spent the rest of thanksgiving vomiting, sneezing about eleventy million times, turning a shade of red that was quite unsettling {wish i had captured a photo of that craziness}, wheezing as his throat slowly closed while calmly reassuring me that all was well, "but please DRIVE FASTER" as i freaked out and weaved my way through ridiculous holiday traffic towards the er, convulsing as they pumped him full of epinephrine, benadryl, steroids and breathing treatments and then sleeping it off.
fun times people.
and look, here's another picture.:
p.s. b is nice to allow me to post this because he is so not an attention-seeking kind of a guy. {i, on the other hand, am an know what.}
p.p.s. this thanksgiving i am especially thankful for b.


naezandkidz said...

poor Brandon I felt so bad for him.

Megan said...

heh. nice. Bet he loves this.

Alison said...

Oh no! What happened?

Tiffany said...

What the hey? Details please.

(And if you say that he's on a turkey gravy drip, I'll be disgusted...)

Em said...

Andrea.. that is freaky! I need more details!

sarah at said...

Poor guy! Sorry about your stressful Thanksgiving. I hope he's back to his normal self.