Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

01. the x-files dvd box set {don't judge!} 02. this lomo 03. moleskin anything04. monogrammed necklaces05. and this video camera

what's on your list?
or your husbands list?
or your friends list?
or your families list?
i need ideas!!!


Barb @ getupandplay said...

When John and I were dating, we'd watch an episode of x-files on dvd every night! It was totally the best excuse to hang out a little longer and snuggle on the couch. But they TERRIFY me! We haven't watched an episode together in about 5 years!

On my list is a gold locket from Banana Republic, a popcorn air popper, children's Christmas books, and Planet Earth.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas (especially since your Thanksgiving was so miserable!)

Em said...

You always know what you want. I never know. It is like, I don't want to narrow in on just a few things, because what if I think of something on the day before xmas and then I don't get it? ugh. This year, I don't think I'm interested in much.

The Weeds said... (a store here in VA) also has really cute monogrammed necklaces, I picked myself up one last weekend for Christmas!